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  1. cowgard

    Sabian Memphis Ride

    Been looking for a new ride cymbal. I have a Zildjian Earth Ride (heavy as hell), an Armand Signature 19" which is light and jazzy with a couple of rivets. I kind of want something in between. Looking at this Sabian Memphis and Paiste 2002 classic. Kind of leaning toward the Sabian but would...
  2. cowgard

    Drumwerx Kit Shipping Today

    A couple of months ago I ordered a custom kit from Drumwerx in Colorado. Nothing too fancy 10"x14"- 16"x16"- 16"x 24" keller maple shells in a light walnut stain gloss finish. I got a message from Joe the owner that they are shipping today. Should get them next week and I'm jazzed. Not a lot...
  3. cowgard

    Earth Ride Stamp

    I bought a Zildjian Earth Ride(brilliant finish) off Ebay. It sounds like I expected, weighs a ton, perfect condition, and I got it for a great price so I'm happy but I have one question. It has no stamp or marking of any kind. I'm not surprised that there is no ink logo but I expected some...
  4. cowgard

    Unexpected Opportunitiy

    There is a very talented young local singer, songwriter, guitarist that I have known for 6 or 8 years. Great voice, better guitarist. I am one of several drummers he calls and since a couple of them(in my opinion) are better than me I only get the call a few times a year. I have other bands...
  5. cowgard

    Premier Artist Birch

    I have two sets of Premier Artist Series drums. The Artist Birch set that I bought new in the 90's have badges that say "British Made Since 1922". The newer Artist Maple kit has badges that say Made in China. Were the older Artist Series really made in Britain or does the badge just mean they...
  6. cowgard


    Anybody done business with Drumwerx Custom Drums. I really like the looks of some of thier stuff and was thinking of ordering a kit. Thanks, David
  7. cowgard

    Tama Superstars

    My Tama Superstar customs arrived last night. I'm really happy so far. Photos don't do the finish justice. I got them assembled and set up last night but it was too late to play them. They arrived without floor tom legs but I have some extras and the dealer is shipping new Tama legs today...
  8. cowgard

    PDP Platinum 1 ply solid maple snare

    I bought this snare on Ebay on a whim. Never had a 1 ply before and figured this was a good deal for $189 shipped. Anybody played or owned one of these and can give me an idea of what to expect. Don't know if I ever even heard a 1 ply. thanks, David
  9. cowgard

    Carmine Appice Snare

    I was checking out the specs on the ddrumm Carmine Appice Sig Snare and it says the shell is 6.5mm thick brass. That's about 1/4". Can that be right? Never seen a metal shell that thick. Any input from someone who has seen or played one would be appreciated.
  10. cowgard

    Sonor Safari

    I've always been a big drum player (bonham influence) but I recently bought a Sonar Safari kit with a 16" kick and 10" and 14" toms. I mostly bought it for easy transport to my second home for practice but I couldn't resist taking it out for a few gigs. I must say, I was pretty impressed with...
  11. cowgard

    Kick Drum Technique

    I've been playing for many years and I would rate my kick drum speed and accuracy(single kick only) as average or slightly better. I play with my heel just slightly off the pedal with no sliding and let the beater rebound off the head in between beats. I suspect my mediocrity reflects my talent...
  12. cowgard

    Old Guy inBattle of the Bands

    One of the bands I play with has all guys 20 something years younger than me. The singer entered us in a Battle of the Bands during the Laughlin Nevada River Run. It's a big deal here in Laughlin if the Mongols and Angels play nice LOL. Anyway, I always think of B of Bands as stuff for young...
  13. cowgard

    Top and bottom Hi Hats

    Other than a sound edge type bottom, is there any difference between, say, a medium weight top and a medium weight bottom hi hat cymbal? Thanks
  14. cowgard

    Sabian Prototype

    I was looking on Ebay for a deal on a ride cymbal. I bid on a Sabian 22" prototype and to my surprise I won it. It gives no indication of what series it is modeled on . It is very bright and cutting and weighs about 3300 grams. That's cool because I bought it for my part time hard rock band...
  15. cowgard

    Ludwig Keystones

    I 'm new to the forum but have been playing on and off since I was a kid in the 60's. I have a couple of older kits with big drums and decided to buy a nice smaller kit for lounge gigs and such and also to maybe try to play a bit of jazz ( I'm a mediocre self taught rock guy for the most part)...