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    Bermuda coming to OZ ?

    I am assuming he is coming with the Wierd Al tour to Sydney and Melbourne. Assuming he get's a visa. We don't just let anyone in. So, things to do in Australia (I'm from Victoria, so Melbourne centric view here). 1 - Ride a Kangaroo. We all do. 2 - Ride an Emu. Bit harder to climb onto than a...
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    1980's Recording Custom ? Yamaha pedal.

    Hi all, I don't know why, but this old 80's Yamaha pedal has me intrigued :- Were these pedals any good back in the day ? The beater pivot height adjustment...
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    Important question from the new guy.

    Hi, I'm 45 and new to drumming. In other words, I know zilch about the craft. So, my first question is :- Which drummer / band was the FIRST to raise the drummer and kit during a show ? And, who was the first to be flipped upside down ( intentional or otherwise) ? Thanks in advance. I'm...