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    Neil Peart's Taking Center Stage DVD just showed up!!!!

    Today I just received "Taking Center Stage" through the mail. It was FREE, I actually won it through a Guitar Center giveaway. I'm not trying to gloat, I'm pumped because I never win anything. Plus this forum is the only one that would share in my excitement!!! Oh yeah and it's SIGNED! I...
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    And so it begins..... (Sorry, another drum build)

    Okay, yesterday I finally pulled the trigger and ordered the shells for my own drum build. After months of researching and soul-searching, DIY fits me. Background: 35 yr. old husband/father of 2, playing for 23 yrs. (on and more off lately), getting back into playing now that the boys are...
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    Contemplating Building my own Custom Set, Pro's and Con's?

    I have been looking into a custom set lately and am weighing some options. I have a friend with a custom shop that will build me an excellent set, money being the issue! He can hook me up with a good deal, but it is still expensive. I started looking into building my own set using Keller...