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  1. grannydrums


    I think the head thread is the right place for this. when my new kit arrived I decide to try the tom heads from my old kit cos i was not happy with the sound.. First time i have ever changed a head and found on my old dw kit there was an extra very thin washer under each lug. My new kit did not...
  2. grannydrums

    coated or clear--and can you have a bad new head

    My new drum kit arrived and although it looked pretty I was gutted at the sound. so take several days(not all day) fiddling around with the tuning( not something I am expert at) and noticed several things that bemused me. could not get the 16" tom to sound good at all, but then noticed the...
  3. grannydrums

    drum dial setting suggestions please

    Ok, please dont all come back saying you have got to learn to tune by ear, or keep trying till you find the sound that is right for you. I suck at tuning drums, I cannot hear if a singer or guitar is out of tune so perhaps that is why. so I have a tama drum dial. I got the drum shop to tune my...
  4. grannydrums

    legs or rack mount for 16"tom

    Hi, my DW kit has a 16inch rack mounted tom which sounds great, and I have always loved it. Big boomy beast of a drum. Because of transport problems I am selling and changing to a russian doll type kit which comes with a leg mounted 16 inch. This will also help on stage because I can loose the...
  5. grannydrums

    crazy new stick control exercise

    I am probably going to get shot down in flames for this--but here goes. this week i have been thinking a lot about grip, muscles, fulcrum,fingers, wrists arm etc. I dont want to be the worlds fastest drummer but I feel if i could get some consistancy and control then i would sound more relaxed...
  6. grannydrums

    how much do you charge for gigs

    times are getting hard so the pubs are telling us. We are being asked to cut our prices back.. so how much are other band charging? we are a basic modern rock covers band(no stones, blues,police etc) we dont bring a crowd. We would not play for nothing. we have recently accepted a lot less than...
  7. grannydrums

    Want to unbury the beater?? Then Vruck it.

    My teacher said some time ago that I should learn to play without digging the beater into the bass drum all the time. I got Matt Ritters video--unbury the beater--and although it made sense I just could not get the hang of it, even though i have been trying every day for a couple of weeks. Then...
  8. grannydrums

    Anyone got a Vruk?

    I would love to try a vruk but cannot afford a new one--anyone got a second hand one for sale
  9. grannydrums

    How to start unburying the beater??

    I am sort of advanced beginer--came to drumming late in life and have to work realy hard to get new thing into my muscle memory(can muscles get altziemers??). I have recently discovered that I am left legged after years of battling to get my right up to speed. I have rearranged my kit and am now...
  10. grannydrums

    bouncy ball metronome

    Has anyone tried the korg lma 120. My new teacher(he has such cool ideas) told me that I might play more naturally if i had a metronome with a light and followed that rather than listening to a click. I chose this one because of the large backlite screen and the battery was said to last for...
  11. grannydrums

    heel toe versus slide

    I have recently changed from playing with my right foot to my left and am having to learn all the techniques again. With my right I had almost forgotten about the slide technique and used heel toe. But now that I am relearning everything from scratch the slide feels realy good. So can anyone...
  12. grannydrums

    blow me down--I'm left footed!!

    I came to drumming late in life and have spent several years practicing hard each day, alway had a teacher too. I love it, but I am not a natural drummer. Everyone always tells me to relax and that i sound wooden. My latest teacher suggested I might be left footed, so I moved the kit round--and...
  13. grannydrums

    shoes??--try work boots

    Bet there has been a discussion on this before.....why do people say you should wear sox or drum in bare feet. I have tried it but find it is much better to wear a pair of soft trainers with no shock absorbtion and with flexible soles. I have also recently bought a pair of work shoes(not...
  14. grannydrums

    heel toe?--I thought it was toe heel!!

    I got hold of the wrong end of the stick(or bass pedal) Until reading some drum articles on line just now(stuck in bed with infection) I had been using what i thought was heel toe technique.But its not. I play heels up, so for single strokes hit with my toe. and then for a double stroke hit...