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    First new kit in 35 years

    Last time, I didn't have pay for it! I feel very fortunate to have purchased quite a few nice vintage kits since my Pearl endorsement. Gosh, that seems like a while ago. Anyway, I went looking for a classic sized kit with a bass drum mount; and ended up in Osaka. Sakae have been so good. I...
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    Searching for the old school but loud

    I have been looking for a 12/13/16/22 kit; preferably no deeper than 16" kick drum; toms mounted on the kick; not too heavy; and loud. I currently play a Pearl GLX in 10/12/14/22. These were made in the 80's in Japan from 8 ply maple. These are the drums Porcaro played. The band loves them. I...
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    Yamaha Recording Customs

    I have a chance to buy a set in trad sizes (12/13/16/22) Tell me about birch vs maple for live please - I want this kit for live as I play a Pearl Masters in 10/12/14/22 and want to move up a tom size, keeping trad depth. Thanks.