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    What double bass pedal (£100-£150)

    I recently bought a Mapex Meridian Birch Kit. Whilst it came with a perfectly good P700 single bass pedal, I am considering selling it and buying a double bass pedal. I am willing to spend between £100-£150. The question - which double bass pedal is best for this price? As I have never owned...
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    Paiste PST 5 and Alpha pic n' mix

    i am planning on buying a new drum kit, although i would need a new set of cymbals to go with it i have been looking at the two series' mentioned, the alpha is evidently a 'better' series but i cant afford a full set want to play rock and metal basically, I would like to know which of the alpha...
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    Mapex HZB Horizon or Gretsch Catalina Maple

    Need a new kit to replace my crappy beginner set Looking at the two kits mentioned The mapex is around £500 inc hardware The gretsch is around £450 without hardware (would like in ebony finish) recommendations? :) Would like to play rock and metal, if it helps
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    Help! New kit

    Looking to buy my second kit Want it to be relatively inexpensive but of a good standard Have been researching the Mapex HZB Horizon Series Kit, which seems good quality and around my price range (£400-550ish) Good choice? Any other suggestions? Oh plus I like to play rock and metal... if that...
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    Paiste Alpha or Zildjian Z Custom

    Which of the two are better for playing rock and metal? Or perhaps a different make/ series? I am aware that z-custom are easier to buy second hand, which is what I would ideally like to do. Looking to buy a splash, crash, hi-hats, ride and china, and need assistant on sizes etc. that would fit...
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    A good place to start? Paiste Alpha

    Looking for a reasonable set of cymbals that would be good for all things metal, and in particular Lamb of God. Paiste Alpha 10” Metal Splash Paiste Alpha 14” Rock Hi-Hats Paiste Alpha 18” Rock Crash Paiste Alpha 16” or 18” China Paiste Alpha 20” Metal Ride Yes? No?
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    Cymbals for an ambitious metal drummer?

    Hello to all Im planning on buying a Mapex HZB Horizon Series Drum Kit, which will be my second kit. Im looking to buy a ride, crash and hi-hats plus a cymbal that would utilise the boom cymbal arm that comes with it. I want to begin playing metal on the drums and would like to know the best set...