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    Hi! Can anyone give me a review on any DW double pedal? I play with a Speed King now and I'm thinking about going back to a double pedal and l have looked at DW 8000.. Never tryed it. (Not in display at my local instrument shop). Any review? Recommendations? Btw I love the Speek King! I hope...
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    Primus splash?

    Hi! I'm trying to find what type of cymbal/splash Tim "Herb" Alexander use in Primus. You can here it in "welcome to the world" from the Prok Soda album (95) ca. 2 min. in the song. It sounds like a glass is breaking mixed with a splash... Thanks Forsell
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    Tuning Ludwig drums

    Hey. I just got a Ludwig Classic Maple Zep Set: 14''x26'', 10''x14'', 16''x16'', 16''x18''. (Coated Emperor on top and coated ambassador on bottom). I've seen Jeff Ocheltree's video on youtube over and over, plus "joedrum1" talking about tuning the ludwig set. But I can't get the sound Bonham...