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  1. brotherbaker

    RHCP cover

    The Ego Explosion. This is over a year old & I didn't even know this was online. This was a fun group of guys....
  2. brotherbaker

    just thinking...

    I was sitting behind one of my kits the other day & started looking around. I noticed that I have MANY different manufacturers represented in the mix, and this is only on a 4 piece kit. I'm curious if anyone else has the same hodge podge of gear. Just for fun, I counted 17..... Gretsch...
  3. brotherbaker

    awesome gf - awesome cymbal

    Well, for Father's Day, I got a receipt from a music store & finally, yesterday, this arrived. I have the best girlfriend in the world...! This cymbal is mean. 24" PAISTE 2002 Crash. This thing even makes my 24" Zildjian Medium Ride look small. Sorry for the crappy phone pics & messy basement.
  4. brotherbaker

    wooden rims

    I came across the site below while doing some research on wooden rims. The application shown here is NOT for acoustic drums, but it did get me thinking. Would this method work at all to make an acoustic drum rim or do you think there would be too much 'give' in the wood if it's not multi-ply...
  5. brotherbaker

    Pearl Optimount question

    I am going to try an optimount on the tom of my '66 Slingerlands instead of using a snare stand and I need someone to confirm that the sizing of these mounts is based on the drums depth & not the diameter...
  6. brotherbaker

    Yamaha drum help?

    I just scored a 5 piece Yamaha kit & I wanted to see if any of you gurus had any information on them. I don't have any pics yet, but on the bass drum is the following info: Model: BD-924DA Ser. No.: HX The kit has the following size drums & are wrapped. 9x13 mounted 10x14 mounted 16x18 floor...