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    Possibly mapex Saturns?

    I was browsing craigslist, then I came across this as selling "mapex drums" for 250 dollars. I asked what model they were and the person said they were Mapex Saturn a and he included a picture. If these are Saturns then it's a steal of a deal, and a huge upgrade over my ImperialStar's. Can...
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    How does he do this

    So on the song sweat by tool, the drummer, Danny Carey, during the chorus, he hits the ride cymbal at like a ridiculous doubles speed in between regular sixteenth notes. Any clue on how he does that, i would like to know. Thanks ahead of time for anyone that helps.
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    Tom positioning help

    So i have two rack toms on my tama imperialstar kit. Theyre 12 and 13, and me being not the tallest guy probably (5'5" or so) has made it difficult to position the toms in a way i like. I would ideally move the over to the right for that offset look, so i could move the ride over closer to...
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    Wuhan chinas are priced weird

    So i was looking to get my first china, i was wanting a 20" wuhan, but whilst looking through amazon and muscisians friend, i found the pricing to be odd. The 18" version is about $54 or so, then the 20" version jumps up to about $100. Anyone know why the price has such a huge difference.
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    Got a paiste ride for 100$

    After scouring craigslist, daily, for probably a few months now, i came across someone selling a paiste 2002 ride, for $100. Yesterday i met with him to purchase the cymbal, and he was nice enough to also give me a free cymbal bag (crazy right?). I played the cymbal a little when i got home...
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    First "Good" Cymbal help

    (Hello everyone, new member here, ive been lurking around the forums for a little while but this is my first post. ) I started drumming about 4 years ago, and started playing on the kit about 2 and a half years ago, since then i feel like ive gotten pretty decent, and i know im committed to...