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    Trouble adding Extra Pads

    HI, I have asked a senior menber this question but I thought I'd throw it out there... I recently bought a Yamaha DTX 562 and wanted to add different sounds.. Ideally I wanted to see if I could play differnet sounds on the rims of my toms and still unsure whether this is possible as I have had...
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    Yamaha DTX 562 adding Extra Pads

    I'm pulling my hair out. I'm following the manual but cannot seem to add an extra pad. First I tried to just chenge the rim of the tom to another sound but no luck Then I added a Y splitter and I'm trying to set two different sounds (for the time being) on Tom pad 2 but I just can't seem to be...
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    Yamaha DTX extra cymbal with choke?

    Hello, I'm new to the e-kit world. Always used acoustic but been forced through technology and moaning neighbours to invest in an e-kit... I chose the Yamaha DTX 562 because of the extra inputs- and I got an amazing deal! I understand that I can add an extra single zone cymbal to the extra...