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    Best earplugs for drumming?

    At the moment I'm using a pair of foam ear plugs - sort of the ones you get free from airlines. They definitely protect my hearing but the trouble is they aren't washable - I've tried once and they take forever to dry out and putting moist things in my ears isn't hygienic. Does anyone know of...
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    Snare wires?

    I'm looking to get a fat/dry sound out of my maple snare drum, however its only 5.5" deep and I know it helps to have a deeper snare drum for this sound. I was looking at 42 strand snare wires and some say that they work for deep shells like 6.5" or 8", so I'm stuck on what number of snare wires...
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    Moongel leaves blue marks??

    I just got my Evans ST Dry head in the post today. I put it on and tuned it, then put my moongel on it and practiced for a bit. I take a break for about half an hour and i come back and i find 2 faint blue marks where i had put my 2 pieces of moongel. It's not a big issue, I'm just wondering...
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    Mixed heads

    I've been wondering, has anybody ever used mixed heads? e.g. evans over remo.
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    New head for snare?

    I need to replace the head on my 14x5.5 maple snare drum as the stock head is getting worn out. I'm looking for a head that will give me a sound like this: I've been thinking about getting Evans ST Dry or just normal ST?
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    Crack or scratch?

    Today i saw this line on my wuhan 16" china. As you can see in the picture below, there is a small 1inch line then it stops, then another half inch line. Do you think this is just a scratch, or if it is a crack? I've only had the cymbal since last Monday, and i play everyday but im not a hard...
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    Dent in stagg/wuhan china cymbal!

    Today my 16" Stagg traditional china i bought from angliadrumshop on ebay arrived. I read that these are manufactured by wuhan and now stagg distribute them aswell, so they have the same characteristics - trashy sound but easily broken.I opened it and it was packaged well, but i noticed a small...