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    Hard times... Gotta sell my kit :-(

    I've run into some hard times and need to try and sell my kit locally. Please help me out with what I should ask for the following gear. Keep in mind that I'll probably use craigslist, so should I ask more than I want in anticipation of low ball offers? Ludwig Centennial Maple in silver...
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    SCORE on a local trade!!! YES!

    So I walked into the music store on my lunch break to hang out (small store & friendly staff). And a guy who I sold a pair of hihats to years ago, was there trading some cymbals. A K Dark Thin Crash 18" and a Sabian HH Medium Ride 20". Both sounded amazing. Luckily I had forgotten to unload...
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    Supernatural Cymbals... WOW!!!

    Well the small shop in my small town just became a supernatural dealer. To say i was impressed would be an understatement. Ill post a review when i get home.
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    What is the next generation of bar songs? Mustang Sally of tomorrow?

    When I got my first steady paying gig ten years ago, I was 19. I snuck into a bar and sat in with the blues/jazz/bar-tune band and was hired that night since they were multi-instrumentalists who took turns covering the drum duties. They were all in their 40's or 50's and we played everything...
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    Rip my technique to shreds please!!! I need pointers.

    Please visit the thread below and give me some pointers. I really want to get to the next level, but I just started playing again after a few years off and have never had a teacher. Don't be afraid to rip me to shreds, haha. I'd like help with my technique and what to work on. Thanks...
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    Constructive critcism needed!!!

    Let me know what I need to work on to tighten up my game. I just got back into drumming a few months ago and I'm feeling a little sloppy. I love jazz but don't know how to play it (as you'll see on the video). Also, my shuffle needs help. Let me know your thoughts. Thanks...
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    New bass head DEFECTIVE???????...

    I received my new Ludwig Centennials which shipped with Remo UT heads. The bass batter is a PS3 copy. It was not installed on the drum (as the toms are shipped within the bass drum). When I pulled the head out of the plastic, the head was popped inside out and there seemed to be way too much...
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    SHOWDOWN TIME---most efficient use of stands/floor space

    Let's see the smartest (maybe not prettiest) setups that use minimal stands and a small footprint relative to kit size. For example, ride cymbal arms mounted off the bass drum, a tom and two cymbals on one stand, etc. I know KarlCrafton mounts a cymbal of his floor tom leg and a ride off his...
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    22" Bass & 18" tom for $50???!!!

    Hope this isn't against the forum rules, but the MF stupid deal of the day is a Pulse Percussion 22 and 18 combo for 50 bucks. I'm not interested but that's a great deal for someone wanting a few beater/gigging/house-kit drums. Just a heads up. Yesterday was a kick drum mic too.
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    Anyone know what stock heads ship with Ludwig Centennials?

    My new Ludwig Centennials are on their way from the Ludwig factory and I'm just curious what heads they supply with the kit. I've heard that the batter and reso bass drum heads are both pre-muffled PS3 type heads, but I'm not sure about the toms. While it's common knowledge that stock heads...
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    NEW TUBS! Silver sparkle ludwigs!!!

    VIDEO ADDED---NEW TUBS! Silver sparkle ludwigs!!! As of 12:45 P.M. Ludwig's very last silver sparkle centennial kit availible was pulled and marked as sold! I wonder who bought it... (wink wink & a HUGE grin!) There may be a few sitting on showroom floors somewhere, but Ludwig is FRESH OUT...
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    DW Collectors and my wife YELLING at me to shut up, haha. Messing around with the DW Collectors I got on loan from a friend. Couldn't even get warmed up before the wife shut me down, hahaha. Recorded with a Flip Video recorder, so the quality isn't great.
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    How do Ludwig Centennials compare to mid level kits?

    ...Like Gretsch Catalina Maple or Mapex Meridian Maple? The Ludwigs are a few hundred bones more and I'm wondering if the sound and craftsmanship is better. I will admit that the silver sparkle ludwigs really do it for me in the looks dept. So how do the mid-level maple kits compare to the...
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    Stupid question on new tension rod fitment

    Sorry for the stupid question but I need to order tension rods for my 67 acrolite. Is there a particular length and thread count that I need to order? Thanks!
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    Did I overpay for a "project" acrolite???

    I just won a 1967 keystone acrolite shell with lugs for $76. It's missing the hoops and throw, but looks to be in great condition for it's age. I used to own a 1967 acrolite that I loved, so the year had sentimental value to me. I know a P-85 will cost me around $20 and I haven't priced out...
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    DW Collectors was loaned out to thoughts:

    So my local music shop drum guy borrowed my Custom Classic pro birch jazz 18" kick. All I asked for was another kick to get me through band practice since I have no gigs lined up at the moment. Next thing you know, I've got a four piece DW collectors series kit (snare is a Pearl Jimmy Degrasso...
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    Thoughts on Vintage Imperialstars?

    You guys may remember my thread about adding a 24" kick to my bop kit for my new rock gig. Tama Imperialstar kicks (circa 1980's... not the new ones) seem to go cheap on ebay and I was thinking of picking one up. How do they rate?
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    If you could only have one floor tom...

    ...would it be a 14 or 16, and why? I'm having trouble deciding after I got the "go ahead" from the wife today for a new kit. I like a standard four piece and right now play a 12/14/18 bop kit. That kit will probably be sold to fund the new one. I'm looking at Mapex meridian maple and Ludwig...
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    Love new Eliminator...but it's missing a cam!

    Just bought a Pearl Eliminator today and all I can say is WOW! Here is my "pedal history": My first kit in the mid 90's was a Yamaha Stage Custom (before they were birch) and I played the stock basic yamaha pedal. Then I bought an Iron Cobra and loved it. Wanted a double pedal so I bought a...
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    Thoughts on Ludwig "The Brick" Snare...?

    20 ply birch shell. 14"x7". Just over 2 c-notes shipped. I'm considering picking one up in the next month or so. Either that or a Pearl Sensitone Brass. Has anyone tried the brick?