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    Should the drummer be banned from the studio post-drum tracking?

    Should the drummer be banned from the recording studio after all the drum tracking is done? To me this seems like a power struggle which is unnecessary. No this is not regarding a session this is with a group in which the drummer does not get payed for his time. What are your thoughts? Thanks!
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    Imperial Cymbals

    Hi all! Great day to be floating around drummerworld..happy new year! Anyways, I have an opportunity to pick up some Imperial Cymbals. Embarrassingly enough, I know nothing about this cymbal line. If you know anything about Imperial Cymbals in terms of quality and what not lay it on me...
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    Paiste 2002 hi-hats splitting after 1 practice?

    Hey all! So I bought the Paiste 2002 hi-hats yesterday. I used them for the first time at rehearsal. I do play pretty loud with this band, but I was under the impression that the 2002 series was geared towards loud rock playing no? Anyways, on the bottom hat at the top of the crimps, it...
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    24" Giant Beat or Reverend Al Big Ride

    Hi all! So I'm buying a new ride. I've tried out both the 24" Giant Beat and the Reverend Al Big Ride. They are extremely similar. Damn. I liked them both live, I was wondering if anyone had any insights as to which one has a better durability or records better? Thanks!!
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    Band's studio debut...3 tracks up. Criticsms wanted :) Hey all! Here is the link to my band's myspace..we decided a few months into our existence it would be worth it to quickly record an E.P. We quickly learned "quickly" does not exist when you don't have money to pay for any significant studio time...
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    Tried doing something different for me... very terrifying.

    Hey all- so I was asked by my band's (very much a simple rock n roll band) producer's wife to do some playing for her upcoming album. I had not met her before and did not know she was such a bloody brilliant writer. We have not done very much so far... just two drum tracks in a 4 hour time...
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    New band + new recording + need feedback :)

    Hey all! So I just started playing with this band called Black Phoenix Orchestra a couple of months ago. We have one full band recording, bear in mind it is basement recording quality. Maybe because it was recorded in a basement, I dunno? It was also recorded live off the floor and not...
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    Custom Maples + (DW vs. Ayotte)?

    Hi there! I am currently looking to upgrade to a fully professional quality set which I will play for the remainder of my life. I have my heart set on maple shells and have always loved the sound and look of DW drums. However, I keep hearing incredible things about Ayotte kits and they do...
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    PDP bass drum skins

    Hi all. So that is the exact same bass drum I have. 18x22" the problem is that no matter how I tune it, it sounds incredibly boomy, flat, and sloppy (currently have on factory heads). I am looking for a more punchy and aggressive attack. Not extremely so, just less....blah. If any of you...