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    Stagg Cases

    Anyone ever use them? Are they worth the money? They certainly look nice...
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    DW 9550 Remote Hats

    I'm in the market for a new hat stand; I just can't stand my hats being as far away as they are anymore. I am going to relocate my hats to the center of my snare (I use a double kick pedal). I have been looking at the DW 9550s - they seem to offer the responsiveness of a direct drive, but also...
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    Gonna' snag a couple Roland pads off my buddy. I want to use them as effect/accessories (i.e. tambourine, castanets, triangle, shakers, gong, cow bell, bells, etc. etc.). Is there a module I can custom program two-drum layouts to my combination of accessories (i.e. cow bell and tambourine for...
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    Trick Pedal vs. DW 9002

    Anyone have experience with both? I currently use some generic double pedal from Pulse, but am looking to upgrade. DW 9K2s look very nice (and expensive) and I've enjoyed using them at the store. Tricks look even nicer and twice the price, but I've never seen/tested any in person. My question...
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    DW Black Hardware

    Does anyone have any black DW hardware on their drums? I know it's powder coated, but how strong is it? Does it chip off at all?
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    DW Remote Hi-Hats (Cable)

    Have any of you guys used these? I found a guy selling one for a decent price, but it seems like I remember reading around here sometimes the cable snaps? He said he has never had it snap. Anyone with firsthand experience?
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    Removing Head Logos

    Do any of you guys know how to do this? I have tried acetone nail polish remover and isopropyl alcohol. One or the other began to eat through the coating on the head, so I stopped trying. It looked like it was working, but when it began to eat the coating I decided I'd rather have logos than...
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    Burying your Cymbals

    Inspired by "Butter on cymbals". What exactly does burying your cymbals do? Have any of you experimented with this? What were your results? Any other off-the-wall techniques you guys have heard of?
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    Snare Wire Chords vs. Plastic Straps

    How do you have yours attached? Can anyone tell me what the difference is? My DW Super Solid came with the 20-strand Pures attached with plastic straps. I bought 30-strand Pures to replace it and they came with chords instead of the plastic straps. I put them on with the straps from the...
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    Did You Know Vic Firth Also Makes...

    Salt and pepper grinders??? No joke! I was at this place called Good Morning, that sells high quality kitchenware and accessories and they had Vic Firth s/p grinders. They looked really nice, but I couldn't justify dropping like $60/each for them. Haha, interesting. I personally think their...
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    I know a lot of people say you can't tell much of a difference, but they are great, so if you are thinking of upgrading, do it. I just even upgraded from a PureSound 20-strand to a PS 30-strand and it made a world of difference. The 30s make the snare so wet and responsive - it was like I...
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    If you guys like round-headed sticks...

    You should check out ProMark Pro-Round 5Bs. They are nice. In my experience the Vic Firths snap pretty easy, and the Zildjian Travis Barkers get friggin' paint all over your cymbals. The ProMarks are natural finish and are more durable than Vic Firths. Just fyi.
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    Zildjian Pitch Black ZPBs

    Why are these things so cheap??? I like the way they sound. Are they just pieces of crap or something?
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    Modifying a DW Super Solid Snare

    What's up, guys? I just bought a DW 5.5x14" Super Solid snare. It sounds killer - well worth the money. But I never stop seeking an even more solid and responsive sound. To achieve this, I think I am going to add die cast hoops and a 30-strand snare. What do you guys think of this? I've heard...