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    need help recording drum with logic click issues

    i can't seem to turn off the metronome,despite i click(to turn off) the metronome when playback to listen to what i record the metronome clicks is still there :( how can i completely turn ff the metronome during play back to listen to what i have recorded without the clicks? thanks
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    bass drum lifter for 16'' tom to kick conversion.

    can anyone recommend me a small practical lifter?!?!preferably metal.
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    need opinions:recording with 1 mic

    thinking of getting it done with sm57. any other suggestions?
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    bass drum batter head as resonant!

    will it sound terrible?i just got a fiberskyn as batter now tight on budget for proper reso head :( so can i use the old aquarian batter as redo? :(
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    is there an 'industry standard' studio monitor?

    like shure sm57 mics. that engineer seem to use as a studio monitor
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    How to record drum with GarageBand?

    what do i should i do? other system a little bit too complicated for noob like me to operate. thanks.
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    reading lead chart.

    i can read drum score.but lead chart?? can someone please explain. thanks in advance.
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    dw 5000 pedal user,i need opinion.

    i'm planning to buy dw 5000 single its in my budget range...i need opinion about the pedal..what do you guys think about the pedal??i saw on the picture that its chain drive can i use nylon strap drive on it?
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    PLS HELP,DW CRAVIOTTO WITHOUT JOHN CRAVIOTTO SIGNATURE(with pictures) i just buy a used(obviously,since johnny no longer with drum workshop) dw craviotto solidshell snare it doesnt have johnny signature inside the shell.and i read somewhere that some snare do have johnny signature some dont,is...
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    double post sorry

    new to this forum accidently double post.