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    What do you use to record yourself?

    Been using the same Zoom H2 for years, Antiquated, yep, but still works great.
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    Double Shuffle - Arms, Wrists, Fingers

    Or combination thereof? I know it's been beat to death and it's whatever works for the individual, but if I'm going to spend more hours on practicing this shuffle than it would take to learn to land an Airbus it would be great to hear some of your experiences learning it. Thx.
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    Jeff Porcaro Snap-Ups

    In clinics Jeff often mentioned snap-ups as part of his practice routine. I'm wondering exactly what he meant. Was he referring to free strokes or was it something a bit more involved? We all know Jeff had incredible control and the slinkiest high hat technique...boy did he.
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    Gordon Knudtson Open/Close Technique

    I've been trying to smooth out my right hand on hi hat rhythms, particularly shuffles (been enjoying the recent shuffle threads), and in my searchings I would keep coming across Gordon Knudtson's videos of his enhanced open/close method. I come from a much more relaxed Murray Spivack method of...
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    Shuffle Help

    This is kind of hard to describe, but.... When doing a shuffle (or fast 8ths/16ths) on the hi hat I can't seem to settle on a preferred method of German, American, or French. I know it's good to use all techniques, but I would love to have a definite "go to," as none of these works for me...