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    Jojo swithes to Evans

    Was on the evans site and saw a interview with him why he switched check it out
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    evans clear powercenter heads

    Looking through the Casio catalog, and seen these new heads, has anybody ever tried these, how do they sound, and are they similar to remo cs heads?
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    jazz legacy heads

    Checking out Steve Smith videos on his drummerworld site, on the video he plays in Cleveland, he has some black heads on the toms, was wondering if anybody new what kind they were.
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    keeping legs in shape

    I know the best thing to keep in shape is to play, play, play, I just got back to playing with a band, we play i day a week and practice sometimes 1 day a week sometimes every 2 weeks. I have about half hr a day to practice with the full set, other times i work with the pad, work and family and...
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    brush dvd

    I would like to get into playing brushes, are there any dvds that you would reccomend?
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    ultimate drummers workout dvd

    I see there's a dvd Ultimate Drummers Workout with brushes, has anybody ever tried it, and what they thought about it.
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    yamaha 8500c pedal

    Was wondering if anyone has this model number pedal, they have a few left at Cascio's, and im thinking about getting one, any problems, complaints?
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    jazz drummers using 2 or 3 rides

    i see alot of jazz drummers using 2 or 3 rides for there cymbal selection, just curious why.
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    toms on cymbal stands

    I see Jojo Mayer and other drummers mount there tom on a cymbal stand instead of the bass drum, just curious why
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    snare stand forr tom-tom

    Just curious i see some drummers (Cindy Blackman, Stanton Moore and a few others) have a snare stand for there tom instead of into the bass or clamped to a cymbal, whats the reason for this, does the tom sound better, different?
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    gretch drums

    Which kits are made in the U. S. and which ones are imported?
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    gretch u.s. made

    I know that some of the gretch lines are made overseas, and some in the united states, which kits are made in the u. s.
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    buying a small kit / making own

    I was thinking about getting a smaller kit for smaller, not as loud gigs, I was wondering which kits are pretty decent, or should i make my own, and get a xtra floor tom convert my 16x16 floor to a bass, and also would they be loud enough for some blues light rock gigs? Thks
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    playing quieter

    This is probably a dumb question, but being a rock blues drummer and keeping hard backbeats i filled in for a band, and they told me i was to loud this was the second time filling in i was told that, how do you play quieter, when used to playing hard.
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    chain or strap drive

    I need to get a new pedal, i see alot of people with chain drives and other with strap i also see people with the direct, i was wondering what people use and give there opinion on why. I know i have to test my own, but just want some feed back on the 2, thks
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    musician's friend

    Has anyone ever purchased any drums from them, there prices seem pretty cheap just wondering if anyone has thinking about purchasing some stuff, wanna know if its worth doing thks
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    x hats

    I have a question on the x hats I see alot of guys using them Dennis Chambers Jojo Mayer, i see he has 2 or 3 sometimes, but watching some of there videos, they never use them, when would you use them, would they fit in for blues rock bands. Thks for your help.
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    John Bonham tuning

    I was just listening to the John Bonham site here, the guy talked about the way he tuned his drums, the batter heads were tuned high, but the reso heads were higher, same thing with the bass drum, does anyone know how they were tuned, and if you were using a drum dial, what would the settings...
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    drum and bass groups

    I have recently gotten into the drum and bass stuff especially Jojo Mayer's Nerve, i see they dont have any cds out yet, is there any other groups out there that have cds out, i would like to get and listen and learn the techniques, any help would be appreciated. Thks
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    heads for mapex v series

    I have the mapex v series, i am using the evans g2s on top and bottom,they really ring, so i use the external rings to deaded the sound, is there a better combination of heads i could use so i wouldnt have to use the external rings all the time I would like to use the rings only when i really...