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    Are Payware Plug-in's Worth the Money?

    After using many freeware and demo plug-in's I'm thinking of just spending the money and buying some quality payware plug-in's to record my drums. Freeware plugs work fine but some of the payware plug demo's I've tried are fantastic and seem very professional in their capabilities and sound...
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    Stick Brands: Are they really that Different?

    If you were blind folded and someone handed you a pair of sticks to play from several different brands of the same size, shape and wood type, could you tell a difference? I recently gathered up all of the pairs of sticks I have of different sizes and woods from several brands in order to see if...
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    Ok to tell about a new Drum Shop on DW Forums?

    Hey guys, I live in San Diego, and as big a city as this is there has been only one place to get drum gear and that is Guitar Center. Recently I discovered a great new drum shop that I don't think many here in town know of. Is it ok to 'advertise' that shop here on DW Forums to get the word out...
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    Sonor Basswood kits Head Choice (507,1007,Safari,Bop)

    Hi guys. I was recently in a drum shop when an acoustic kit up on a display caught my eye. After wandering the store for awhile I kept coming back to look at it (I swear it was talkin' to me ). After having the salesman take it down I knew in the first few minutes of hitting it that I had to...
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    Inexpensive Replacement for E-drums

    Just posting here to get some more opinions, thanks. I play on a Hybrid kit, acoustic snare and cymbals with two electronic toms and kick. I'll be ordering an all acoustic kit in a few months (DW or Gretsch) but in the mean time I want to replace just the e-drum toms and kick with some...
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    NAMM Coverage

    Just like the extensive live coverage of CES, is there a website that has live coverage of NAMM?
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    Making a Drum Video

    I mistakingly posted this question in the Drums Forum so I'm reposting it here in a more appropriate Forum.... I would like to start making videos of myself drumming to critique myself and maybe eventually post it to Youtube. I have a simple Sony Bloggie HD pocket video camera mounted on a...
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    Making a Drum Video.......?

    I would like to start making videos of myself drumming to critique myself and maybe eventually post to Youtube. I have a simple Sony Bloggie HD pocket video camera mounted on a tripod, a Yamaha mixer with USB (unfortunately it's only 1.1) and a MacBook Pro. I was just messing around using...
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    Multiple Headphone/IEM Solution

    Hey guys. I want myself, a guitar player, bass player and an 'observer' to be able to hear the mix from my, what else, mixer I have a Yamaha MG166CXUSB. Should I simply get a 4 port headphone amp and plug it into the Headphone jack on the mixer? I have IEM's, the others will probably have...
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    Best video for Technique?

    I would like to improve my technique when playing ghost notes, among others problem areas. Can you guys recommend a video that explains/focuses mainly on technique? I've heard that the Tommy Igoe videos are very good, true? Thanks
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    Headphone w/Mic to Mixer

    I have a drum room that I want to be able to plug in a Headphone with a Mic on it into a connection on the outside of the drum room so that someone could not only hear me playing but also be able to converse with me back and forth. I would just use a nearby drum mic to talk back. I assume the...
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    2011 NAMM Scout Wish List

    I didn't see a thread like this yet, but, for those lucky Drummerworld members going to NAMM, could the rest of us start a short wish list of things we would really appreciate you checking out, when you get a chance, and maybe report back on this forum? Just asking. If I could go I would really...
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    Till I get an A-kit....

    I have played a Roland TD-12 for awhile but I plan on getting my first a-kit next year. In the mean time, I have set up a 'hybrid' kit. I have my TD-12 connected to a PD-105 and a PD-125 and my KD-85. The cymbals are all Paiste Twenty Series and the snare is a Ludwig Black Beauty. The cymbals...
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    Snare Too loud!

    My drum room is roughly 10x10ft. I have everything mic'd and run through a Yamaha MG166 and into ATH-50 headphones. MY Ludwig BB is so loud that I cant turn the volume down on the mixer enough to tolerate it. I tried using ear plugs with the headphones but it muffles the overall sound too much...
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    Mic Stands

    I need to buy a couple boom mic stands for my overheads and a bass drum mic stand. There are many more brands to choose from than I expected. Is there a brand to stay away from? Which ones do you use? Thanks
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    Drum Workshop Inc's new 'production' kit

    Has anybody heard this news or did I miss that thread? Supposed to be a new production line of drums called the Performance Series using the same maple shells as their custom drums that use a new HVX Technology with a price point of $2,000 and available in Oct/Nov of this year. I'm sort of...
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    Black Beauty, 5x14 or 6.5x14?

    I would like to have one Ludwig Black Beauty snare for use with all kinds of music. Which is more versatile the 5x14 or 6.5x14"? Would it be the 6.5" just because you could change the heads and crank it up to sound like a 5", but you could not get a 5" to sound as deep as a 6.5"? Thanks
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    Cymbal Warranty?

    I'm investing in a nice (expensive) set of Paiste Twenty cymbals. How well do these cymbals hold out? (without purposely bashing the crap out of them) I plan on using the for all types of music, including rock. Should I purchase a warranty with them? Do most of you 'routinely' purchase a...
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    'B' stock Black Beauty

    I would like to buy a metal snare for my Gretsch Renown Fusion kit. The Ludwig Black Beauty seems to be the 'must have' snare so I thought I would just get it over with :) and buy one. I see on E-bay that an outfit called MusicCenterInc has been selling new, but 'B' stock, Black Beauty's for...