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    My new 1970's Slingerland Kit, w/ custom bass spurs

    Here's a little back story on me. I started drumming on my 16th birthday. I received a beginner CB drum kit from my dad, and literally played that until 3 days ago when I finally made my first ever drum shell (minus a snare) purchase. I am reallllllly excited about this kit, because it...
  2. J

    Vintage bass decals?

    I recently picked up a 1970's Slingerland kit, with a plain white reso on the kick. Anyone know a place I can get a Slingerland decal for it? It's so boring right now!
  3. J

    Sound speed?

    What's the fastest tempo your band (or you) has ever written naturally? By natural, I mean not trying to just speed it up for the hell of it. I just joined a band (hardcore punk), and this guitarist natural tempo is SO FAST. The first song we wrote clocked in at 240 BPM. I was floored...
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    Looking for info on this 60's slingerland

    I found this kit behind a ton of other kits at guitar center. It came in marked up to $1200, and it's now down to $459. Here's the info I got- It's a 4 piece, with 12, 13, 16, and 18 inch kick. It's a 60's Slingerland with "Chicago" badges, and was rewraped. All original hardware minus...
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    Smaller kick drums, smaller foot print kits.

    Okay, I know I posted recently on this subject, but I was asking the wrong questions. Right now, I'm selling my standard sized 5 piece set because I need a smaller foot print for my room. I'm looking for a 20 or less inch bass, with a 16 or less inch depth. That's my biggest concern. When I...
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    Buying a smaller kit-

    Hey guys, I have been posting since 06, but I lost my password :P. Here's my story- I recently moved, and my current kit (standard sizes, 8 peices) is wayyyy too large for my new room. Live I have always played a 4 peice kit, so it's no big deal to just set those up, but I decided to just...