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    Some Home Recordings

    Due to my lack of an original band at the moment, I present some covers for some consideration! Siberian Khatru - Yes Sledgehammer - Peter Gabriel Goodness Gracious - Kevin Gilbert...
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    Sledgehammer Shred/Cover

    Here I am playing to Peter Gabriel's great song, Sledgehammer. I noticed not many people seem to nail the swing this song has, so I gave it a go! I am particularly proud of the fill at 1:35. I didn't know I had that in me! Also note the broken stick halfway through...
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    Awesome drum groove/shredding(Mapex Saturn, TRX Cymbals)

    Here is my playthrough/rendition of an AWESOME Kevin Gilbert tune called "goodness Gracious!" I rather enjoy this song because it has an awesome groove and leaves space for cool stuff! Enjoy! Mapex Saturn Rogers Powersonic Snare TRX Cymbals Tama Speedcobras Presonus Firestudio Pro Tools 11...
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    Heres my drum solo with lotsa paradiddles! WOO!

    Hello all! Here is a video of my playing. Mind the low quality. Its an iphone. I am a bit rusty, since I hadnt touched my kit in about a week and a half, but you get the gist of my technique. Its all about havin fun and groovin, mang...