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    Can't get comfy on my other sticks, normal?

    It seems that every other stick that I bought feels bad yet the cheapest one that was a gift from a friend was my favourite. It was a maple 7a Stagg and have been using it for about 10 months already. It feels very natural and makes me more inspired compared to my other sticks which were.. Nova...
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    Premuffled head or 2-ply head with studio rings?

    Should I get a G2 and put my current studio ring in it or should I just get an EC2 because I'd muffle the G2 anyway? Which would be a better choice? Thanks in advance.
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    Rack tom resonance problem

    I currently have a pearl roadshow kit and it has these pearl tube tom holders. These tom holders are driving me crazy, They choke the tom too much it's terrible! But it sounds good when I hold it in my fingers! Its frustrating I can't utilize my drums to its full potential due to these atrocious...
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    Zildjian A or K?

    Hello, for the past month I've been looking out on the Zildjian A's. I removed the Paiste PST7 from my list cause I've decided to get the best I can get instead of getting these PST7's and then regretting why I didnt buy better cymbals. It seems that Zildjian A's are the go to cymbals and is...
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    About Cymbal "VALUE packs"

    Hello, I have a question. When do these cymbal packs that come with free 18" crash, etc. show up? Does this happen only when its on sale, clearance or occasion? Is the shop responsible for the free cymbal/s that comes in the set or is it directly packaged from the cymbal company? OR is it a...
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    Should I buy the Paiste PST7 set?

    Hello! I was wondering of buying the PST7 light set? My drums are in a small room (7.5 x 7.5 feet) so would the light set be more suitable than the medium? (the light ride would be a bonus cause its crashable!). I don't like cymbals that would be too overpowering and harsh. I currently...