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    Pearl Mlx 22x16'' bass drum

    Hi! Im looking for a 22x16'' Pearl Mlx bass drum. Shape or color dosent batter. Best regards, Isak
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    Ludwig sensitive mechanism

    Hi! I just bought at Ludwig supraphonic 14x5'' snare shell and now i need some parts to it. Wondering if someone have/do know someone that have a sensitive mechanism for sale? I have already check'd ebay without any luck. Best regards, Isak
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    Rocktone Custom Drums

    Hi! Thought that i should show off my latest drums that i built. This is 22x16'', 12x8,5'' and 16x14''. Its made out of Keller shells that i applied re-rings inside. Here is some new fresh photos! Feel free to leave a comment, Best regards!
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    Rocktone custom drums, My sign. snare

    Hi! Been a while since i post here. Thougt that i share my last creation. This is my personal Sign. snare. It's 14x6'' and the shell is 6 ply maple with 6 ply maple re-rings. Feel fee to comment :) [/IMG] Cheers!
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    Rocktone Custom Drums - Some snares i built

    Hey! Im new to the forum. ''Rocktone Custom Drums'' is the name of my drums that i build. Thought I'd show you some pictures of some snares that i recently buildt. 14x6,5'', Keller shelll, 6 ply maple. 14x5,5'', Keller shell, 6 ply maple. 13x4'', Keller shell, 6 ply maple...