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    Remo PS3 on a 26 kick

    So i put a hole in my emperor last night : ( i was really diggin' the head. The only head anyone has in my area for a 26 is a PS3. I really like the big boomy sound the kick has with no muffling. I know that the PS3 has a muffling ring on it, but am i wrong to assume it would subtly take out...
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    My frankenstein Ludwig kit

    So here is my not so pretty put together kit. I got every piece at a great great price. I think they sound great, lots of boom. They sound like THUNDA! I apologize for the blood on the drums! 26x16 kick 14x8 snare 14x13 tom 18x16 floor 24" paiste giant beat and 2002 ride 15" paiste 2002...
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    Trick Bigfoot swapping out a beater

    yo! has anyone swapped out the beater on the trick pedals? My round felt beater does not fit. the extension part, the metal stick thing is too big for the insert on the trick pedal. For now I am stuck with the beater they built the pedal with. I want something a bit bulkier since i Have a big...
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    Direct drive pedal for 26" kick

    I have a 26" kick that gives me a bit of problem with my DW 5000 pedal I gots. It kinda chokes on a kick this big. I am looking for a direct drive for this beast. I am assuming my choices are Ludwig, Trick, Yamaha, or Axis. I don't really know what else is out there. I know about the Pearl...
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    Drummers with one Crash/Ride Setup

    hello. i have recently pieced together a kit with a 26"x16" bass, 14x13"" rack, 18" floor, and a 14"x8" snare. I have a 24" Paiste Giant Beat that I absolutely love! I used it more as a crash than anything. So my question is: Are there any drummers who use this set up? one hi hat and one...
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    Ludwig Zep Set quality

    hello all, I am a convert. Yes from guitar to drums. I am in pursuit of my first kit. I am looking at the Ludwig Zep Set, the Classic Maple series one in Green Sparkle. So, my question is how good are these kits in these price ranges of $1,400? I am looking for thunder, boom, and volume...