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  1. Ben Tama

    Hoops/Lugs pitting... what can I do about it?

    I've recently purchased some toms that have pitting on diecast hoops and lugs. Does pitting progressively get worse or does it settle down? Some of it can be replaced but I've also got a 15" tom with starcast mounting system that would be hard to find/replace. Even the black mounting system has...
  2. Ben Tama

    Removing the tom mount off my Starclassic BD

    Has anyone been able to remove the tom mount clamp off a Starclassic bass drum? I've unscrewed mine, just can't get it off, it's as if it's been glued on.
  3. Ben Tama

    Front of my Iron Cobra beater fell of... Sounds Awesome!

    I've just been practicing with my IC beaters, the front part of the beater fell off, I've the wooden version. I've been really liking the sound, it's a more punch/beefy sound and seems louder. Anyone else try this? If anyone wants to try this, let me know what you think.
  4. Ben Tama

    Catching the footboard on the downward stroke

    I've noticed one major issue I have with pedal control is when I catch (as I'm playing) the footboard as it's bouncing, on the downward stroke. Does anyone know how to remedy this? Anyone else have or notice the same problem? I play both heel down/up/flatfoot, happens no matter what technique...
  5. Ben Tama

    Where to mount Zoom handheld recorder?

    I've recently gotten a zoom 4hn pro, can't really place it anywhere that sounds good, I think I need a good stand for it, early days. Anyone have experience with this? Where is the best place to mount it, what stand should I get?
  6. Ben Tama

    Why is it called "Decade" Maple?

    Yes I have looked it up on their website, just want to clarify if anyone out there knows.
  7. Ben Tama

    Chain on an angle, what affect does it have?

    Just to clarify, chain/strap/direct drive, on an angle from a side viewpoint. This is what I'm talking about: See how diagonally the chain is sloping? opposed to vertical, like this: Does anyone actually know what affect this has on a pedal? To keep it simple, lets assume we're using...