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    Quick clip of my playing Just a quick clip of my playing. Some parts could have been tighter but ah well. It was just something random I jammed a couple months ago. Anyways open for any and all tips and criticism. Never had any drummer feed back growing up
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    Help uploading a video from an iphone

    It's just 1:56 long and everytime I try to upload it as an attachment it says the upload failed. Anyone have this same problem?
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    How important do you consider the left foot when drumming?

    And I'm referring to the hi hat being used here to keep time while playing on a ride/crash ect. I know some drummers who use it religiously to keep time and what not and some rarely use it. I know I never really used it much when first starting out but I've been incorporating it in my drumming...
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    How many of you have experienced lapses in playing time?

    I'm new to the forum btw and I hope to learn a lot from everyone. I started playing when I was about 13. Jammed on my kit for about 2 years and had an unfortunate move into an apartment where obviously my drums were not allowed. So I would play on couch pillows and desks and whatnot. Always...