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    what sort of pedal is this?

    hey fellas, just wanting to know what sort of model this pedal is, and what sort of age it would be. thanks! i've been desperate for a lefty pedal for over a year, just wanting to know what i can about...
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    Lefty double bass. in AUSTRALIA.

    hey guys. this might sound like a bit of a rant... but what the hell is going on!?! i live in australia. Tasmania to be more specific. and honestly.... it's hard enough finding a LEFTY double bass pedal, new OR used, without spending atleast $80-$100 of the righty equivalent. there are none in...
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    yamaha stage custom.

    heya guys. i was just wondering what you think about my new yamaha stage custom advantage. it's blue fade, i think. anyhoo, it's damn sexy imo. well. here come the pics.
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    YAMAHA STAGE CUSTOM. new heads?

    hey guys, i've been drumming for about 2 and a half years now and i recently bought a yamaha stage custom advantage at my local pawn shop, for about 900 AUSD. and what i was wondering.. i mean, i'm not the best tuner in the world, but i know the drums are cabable of sounding alot better than...