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  1. MrPockets

    History of Jazz - Drum Kit

    The above image was posted on a fountain pen subreddit I follow. This is some study notes for a history of Jazz test the poster will take. Kind of a curiosity to see how some people teach what drums are. The book knows what "dropping bombs" is, but calls snare comping, 'fills'?
  2. MrPockets

    Anyone ever been to the Funk Music Hall of Fame in Dayton, OH?

    Will be there in April. My brother plays guitar and he said he got a kick out of it. The owner gave his friend and him a tour.
  3. MrPockets

    Met Tom Delonge Today

    I work on a sales floor while in school. I noticed him and immediately assumed it was him, but did not say anything. I asked if I could help him with anything. He said he was dealing with massive childhood trauma. I work at a toy store so I said anything on the shelf could probably help. Also...
  4. MrPockets

    Drummer Alignment Chart

  5. MrPockets

    How should I describe my playing to get more responses on CL ads for drumming?

    Should I describe how I spent years secluded in the Himalayan mountains studying stick control? Should I call my drum grooves "professionally curated" for their needs? Should I say my beats are the best beats and no other beats compare?
  6. MrPockets

    How do you mount your china cymbals?

    Do you keep it traditional with the rim up? Or do you have the rim down for those hits on breakdowns?
  7. MrPockets

    Anything "special" about Ludwig Supraphonic snares?

    The original one just had two wires snap, so I replaced it with a puresound. Am I missing anything by getting a replacement of the original?
  8. MrPockets

    Do you think someone way back when used a hi-hat and low boy on their kit?

    Like maybe they thought the hi-hat was a fad and didn't want to get rid of the low boy yet.
  9. MrPockets

    What is something cute a drummer does that isn't cute when a guitarist does it?

    Noodling? Showing up late? Getting hammered?
  10. MrPockets

    What is the appropriate amount of time to wait, until you can show your new Significant Other your Drums?

    Do you keep them hidden for while or show them off on the first date?
  11. MrPockets

    Top 20 Drum Fills from Rick Beato

    So, how was he wrong this time?
  12. MrPockets

    How much thought do you put into what you wear at a gig?

    I have a gig coming up in November playing with an indie praise and worship artist and I've never been more confused about dressing myself in my life. Do I wear a vest? Stick with plaid? Jeans or dress pants? Do I need to buy a pair of Clark's Desert Boots? Which cape? How do you decide how to...
  13. MrPockets

    The Origin of the Shuffle Groove

    Do you think it was explained well? Did you spot the drummerworld clip?
  14. MrPockets

    Has anyone trying crimping with drum sets?

    What is crimping?
  15. MrPockets

    What part of the Drum Set Could You Go Without?

    How about it?
  16. MrPockets

    PC causes house speakers to always buzz?

    The PC that runs the slideshow makes speakers buzz during playing. The PC must be on during playing. What should be troubleshot?
  17. MrPockets

    What is the title of this 50 drum grooves book?

    The book is grey and the two grooves I remember are a 5/4 groove from Bobby Rock and the groove for Go-Go by Stanton Moore.
  18. MrPockets

    John Bonham's Paiste Contract
  19. MrPockets

    Which one of you made this drum set car?
  20. MrPockets

    How does the Seiko DM-22 Metronome Turn Off?

    There isn't an on/off button. I can't find a user manual online. So how do I turn this thing off?