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    Abs and double bass

    Question to double bass players: It is a known fact you have to have strong core to play double bass cause of balance. Does it involve flexing/holding in your abs muscles? How can you breathe, if so? Or do you guys play vompletfly relaxed jn your core? Opinions?
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    Help with fill transcription

    Hi, can anyone help write out/tab the chaotic fill at 2:30 in this song: Thanx
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    convicted in life

    Can someone please explain/tab to me, how to play drum intro to Convicted in life by Sepultura? thanx
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    Need help with a fill

    Can someone help me figure out how to play the fill in this song at 3:13 - 3:15 ? It is based on some kind of triplet I believe?
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    locked ankles

    I know that some drummers play bass drum with locked ankles/full leg motion, especially metal drummers. For a few months I have been trying to make the transition from playing with a combination of leg and ankle to full leg, since I believe it gives more power, but my feet somehow cant get used...
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    how to play bass drum like this

    Hello everyone. This is my first post so please be considerate. My question is, how to play the bass drum like in around 1:28 in this video when Paul Bostaph plays the skank/thrash beat? I am interested mainly in the fact that his...