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  1. Winston_Wolf

    Gibraltar Stealth Docking Station

    I'm a big fan of their Stealth racks, but this thing is a solution looking for a problem and the "solution" is actually worse in every single way I could think of to the problem they're trying to solve. Yikes!
  2. Winston_Wolf

    How to be one of the 10 richest drummer at a young age ?

    I can confirm this, as I'm both a drummer and a public school teacher. o_O
  3. Winston_Wolf

    Large Bass Drums

    I totally agree that kit looks like it would be a lot of fun to play.
  4. Winston_Wolf

    Mapex Saturn

    I agree, it's a Saturn III, and considering that set includes hardware and cymbals I think it's a great deal and should suit your needs well.
  5. Winston_Wolf

    Mixing Sabian / Zildjian Cymbals

    I have Sabian, Zildjian, Meinl and Paiste cymbals and I have no problem mixing brands up at all. The one thing I usually don't do is mix alloys up too much. In general I like keeping B8's and B20's separate within their own set ups.
  6. Winston_Wolf

    Real wood veneers, or engineered?

    It's funny to me that the drum industry has a long history of these kinds of information gaps in order to hide certain aspects. Ludwig calling their snares "metal" and never saying they're aluminum for 40-ish years immediately comes to mind. I agree engineered veneers aren't really the...
  7. Winston_Wolf

    What should I do with this $100 snare?

    Remo makes a clear Ambassador snare side that has no collar. It's intended for marching drums that are typically tensioned high so it takes longer before you bottom out the flesh hoop but it should give you more room to tension the head into those deep snare beds. I've never tried it on a...
  8. Winston_Wolf

    What should I do with this $100 snare?

    Wow, that is one beautiful drum! :)
  9. Winston_Wolf

    What should I do with this $100 snare?

    If you were considering having the edges re-cut professionally, I'd send some pics to Precision Drum and ask them some questions and get their advice on how to bring this up to be a modern player snare. I have every bit of confidence they could give you some pointers and (at the very least)...
  10. Winston_Wolf

    Easy way to tune your snare

    Good video! :) I do wish you had played the drum once it was tuned. I know you were going for demonstrating the method, but I think it's helpful to hear what the method will get you.
  11. Winston_Wolf

    What should I do with this $100 snare?

    Cool drum! If it sounds good right now, I'd consider every possible change or modification very carefully before moving forward. Are the edges smooth and even? If they are, I wouldn't get them re-cut just for the sake of doing something. It certainly looks like nickel plating. A magnet will...
  12. Winston_Wolf

    Bigger Kits

    I'd be curious to know just how many weddings and Bar Mitzvahs Terry plays...
  13. Winston_Wolf

    LM402 tuning driving me crazy

    Well, NO snare sounds like videos and recordings. Comparing a metal shell drum to a wooden shell drum also doesn't really help. I mentioned expectations because I don't know what your experience is with metal snares, and I don't know if the expectation is for a super dry, crisp "thwack" with...
  14. Winston_Wolf

    LM402 tuning driving me crazy

    I'm still trying to wrap my head around what may be going wrong. I've owned and played a lot of Ludwig snares, and in my experience they're just about the most forgiving, easy to get along with snares I've played. Do the wires lay flat when placed on a table? Have you tried the wires from one...
  15. Winston_Wolf

    New to me 15" hats

    I have two pair of 15" hats; Zildjian Mastersounds that are bright and crisp and Sabian Sizzle Hats that are big and sloshy. Both are a ton of fun to play. Nice score on yours! Whatever Zildjian was doing during the hollow logo era turned out some amazing cymbals.
  16. Winston_Wolf


    Some drum companies can change up lug designs and badges every few years with (seemingly) no effect to their viability but Ludwig just isn't one of those companies. I'd put Gretsch in the same boat. There is an expectation of a certain look and it seems to me that every one of their...
  17. Winston_Wolf


    Agreed. I think Signet had to bear too many "differences" from what people expect from a Ludwig kit. If it had been "just" the lugs, or the finishes, or the badge, or the "do it yourself" construction it might have played out differently. But it wasn't, so it didn't, and Neusonic's popularity...
  18. Winston_Wolf

    Zildjian A Custom question

    If you want that kind of information you should check out an online retailer like to get an idea of gram weight ranges based on several of their listings.
  19. Winston_Wolf

    Zildjian ZBTs

    I don't have much of anything different to add, so I'll just echo a few ideas already posted. First, the ZBT series isn't very good sounding. Because you really can't do anything with how a cymbal sounds (unlike drums where tuning and heads can completely change the character) you're really...
  20. Winston_Wolf

    Drum depth preferences floor vs. rack toms

    I think a lot of the preference is psychological and not sonic. Many of us grew up seeing kits with square floor toms, so that looks "normal." Subsequently, the "hanging power toms as floor toms" era is seen as a fad, and while the stand mounting aspect is pretty much dormant again the...