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  1. Swiss Matthias

    Need help identifying a Gretsch snare

    It's been a while ... Here are some additional pictures from the inside of the drum. Now I think there's probably about nothing genuine on that snare. The snarebeds are ridiculously high and not centered at all.
  2. Swiss Matthias

    Need help identifying a Pearl snare

    Thanks MrInsanePolack and sacco, much appreciated (although it's been quite a while – I'm sorry😬!). Do you think the drum would be of any selling worth if I don't have any use for it, or should I rather keep it?
  3. Swiss Matthias

    Modern Drummer article out this month

    Very cool! Thanks for the heads up! Interested!
  4. Swiss Matthias

    Gavin Harrison here!

    Interesting discussion – thanks Gavin for sharing your thoughts on this subject! And thanks for all your inspiration throughout many years! I hope you're doing well musically and personally!
  5. Swiss Matthias

    I'm on a Magazine Cover!

    Nice, congrats! Are you the same person as the one with the avatar masonni (or something like that) here on DW?
  6. Swiss Matthias

    Hemiola vs. Polyrhythm

    Oh come on, I think you made your point already. It's good now. Discuss the matter or just read, or stay away from the thread. You don't seriously think I will enjoy playing drums less because of this thread and discussion, do you?
  7. Swiss Matthias

    Hemiola vs. Polyrhythm

    So it seems there are two excluding definitions of hemiola in this thread now: a) a hemiola is a 3:2 polyrhythm; b) a hemiola is an odd grouping, like groups of three 16ths, if I got brentcn's post correctly. As far as I know, hemiolas are not polyrhythmic, but a kind of syncopation that...
  8. Swiss Matthias

    Need help identifying a Pearl snare

    I have a Pearl snare that sounds quite cool. It looks like it wasn't of the cheapest sort, but I don't know ... Can anybody help me identify this model? Unfortunately it's damaged in a quite ugly way (no idea what happened, I got it in this condition). Thanks for your help!
  9. Swiss Matthias

    Need help identifying a Gretsch snare

    Some time ago I got a Gretsch snare. I think it's a frankenstein one. Unfortunately I have no clue when it comes to Gretsch, let alone older models. Can anyone help me and guess what I have here, and if the snare has any value whatsoever? Thanks!!
  10. Swiss Matthias

    New Leprous album – all around best musical moment for me!

    Haha :LOL:!! Glad you like it! I attended their concert in Switzerland a few weeks ago, and they closed their set with the song. It was just mind-blowingly bad-ass!
  11. Swiss Matthias

    New Leprous album – all around best musical moment for me!

    While the newest album by Norwegian prog band Leprous does polarize (it's rather quiet in comparison), it surely has one of the most experimental songs in it: The Sky Is Red. The closing section / second half of the song must be one of the hottest riffs and moments ever, to me at least! I so...
  12. Swiss Matthias

    Hi, Jennifer Leijen here!

    Welcome to the forum, Jennifer! Nice introduction and interesting story!
  13. Swiss Matthias

    Modern Drummer article out this month

    Congrats, and thanks for the link!! I'll gladly check it out.
  14. Swiss Matthias

    Swiss Matthias' short beatz thread

    You very rarely see me break a stick, but in this video it actually happened:D. I was recording myself doing some metronome training. Beat #30 – Stick Break Beat:
  15. Swiss Matthias

    FORUM: Change

    ...and this is my first ever mobile post :D!
  16. Swiss Matthias

    FORUM: Change

    Wow, what a surprise! Nice!
  17. Swiss Matthias

    New video by Swiss Matthias *happy!!*

    Dear community! I'm very happy to finally present my long awaited (by me :) ) new video! This piece really is a heart song to me, to say it in Weezer's words. I hope it gets many listeners, and I hope some of you like it! Be sure to watch the whole song :)! Comments are very welcome, as...
  18. Swiss Matthias

    New attempt from a Jim Riley track from the "Survival Guide Of The Modern Drummer"

    After almost a year I finally tried one more Jim Riley play-along from his great and very recommended book. I like his "Hip-Hop" track, and I tried it in a swung version although the original is "officially" binary. I purposely haven't listened to any other versions, let alone an original...
  19. Swiss Matthias

    Shure SE535 vs UE-4

    Hi all I know, there are several threads around talking in-ear systems. I haven't found anything that answers my specific question though: Does anybody have experience with BOTH the SE535 model and the UE-4? It's the two of them I narrowed down my wish list, and I'm not s(h)ure how to decide...
  20. Swiss Matthias

    Ableton live vs. Logic Pro

    I'm considering switching from Logic Pro 9 to Ableton Live 9 (standard, probably). Has anyone experience using both DAWs? I'll have to buy new software anyway since Mac OS High Sierra is coming, and Logic 9 won't be compatible anymore, so I either will have to uprade to Pro X, or take the...