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  1. jornthedrummer

    Who has inspired the most to make people play drums?

    Ringo, Lars Ulrich perhaps. What’s your top 5? Thanks Jorn
  2. jornthedrummer

    Cymbals for a Beatles cover band

    What hats and cymbals would you pick for an authentic Beatles cover band? New stuff only please. Thanks Jorn
  3. jornthedrummer

    Instantly recognizable drummers

    I tend to prefer drummers has their own thing and is easily recognizable. For instance Ringo, Gadd, Porcaro, Copeland, Carlock, etc. There are other drummer that can play any style of music to perfection, but somehow does not stand out. Greg Bisonnette could perhaps be an example of a guy that...
  4. jornthedrummer

    Pearl GLX not played since 1991!

    I had a stellar week getting to play my Pearl GLX for the first time since 1991! I bought them new around 1983. Short background story: Quit gigging in 1991, got married and serious about work. Expatriated to Asia since 1995. I have however kept my Pearls in my summerhouse in Denmark and this...
  5. jornthedrummer

    Buying cymbals in China

    I'll be raveling extensively to China in my new job and wonder if anyone have experiences with buying Chinese made Cymbals in China? Price level and recommendations of shops to visit. Thanks Jorn
  6. jornthedrummer

    The sound of the stick resonating when hitting the drum

    I'm on a cruise right now and brought with me a practice pad and have been working on my hands. I noticed something new to me that the stick(not the tip) have a significant nice resonating sound when not choked. I am trying to control the stick to get that sound and use it to get both hands...
  7. jornthedrummer

    Keeping Time doing a (buzz) roll as a fill

    The title says it all. How is it done? Eye In The Sky by Alan Parsons Project has the tastiest buzz roll as a fill I can think of. What's the secret?
  8. jornthedrummer

    Time Machine

    My band Red Flag playing Time Machine by Grand Funk Railroad last night at the pub.
  9. jornthedrummer

    Ordered a Whitney nesting kit

    Guys I have to share my exitement. I have ordered a Whitney Drums nesting kit. sizes 18x20 bass, 5x14 snare, 7x10, 9x13 toms and 11x16 floor. All goes in the bass drum. White washed with wood hoops. See pictures below to get an idea. The kit is for gigging. Deciding factors: - Nesting kit -...
  10. jornthedrummer

    Kalle is at it again

    Dont lose out on this one guys. Kalle with looper, rapping, etc. Great entertainer!
  11. jornthedrummer

    Kelly Shu/mini plug

    Hi, I have purchased a Kelly Shu kick drum mike suspension system. I want to install it on my live kit that has both heads on. So I want to run the cable out through the airvent. Am too lazy to solder myself and wonder if anyone kan point me to a ready made microphone cable with normal XRL's...
  12. jornthedrummer

    Meat and potatoe drumming

    A good old T-Rex song with a bit of meat and potatoe drumming on my part.
  13. jornthedrummer

    Storage of hardware.

    I got a bunch of hardware such as stands and rack parts I need to store in my studio in an organized manner. What do you guys do? Shelves? Hardware bags or cases? Advise and pictures would be much appreciated.
  14. jornthedrummer

    Meinl Byzance 20" Vintage Trash Crash or Zildjian K 18" EFX

    Guys I want to add a cymbal of this type to my collection. I already have an 16" and 18" Sabian HHX Ozone as well as Byzance and K rides/crashes and hats. Which one do you prefer and why? thx jorn
  15. jornthedrummer

    Day Tripper

    I had a gig last Friday in Ipoh, Malaysia at a place called Big Johns Music Shack. The owner is a Brit and a fan of 60s and 70s music. Since we where playing right in front of a huge poster from The Cavern Club, Liverpool, I thought I better post a Beatles song. Nice little kit I put together...
  16. jornthedrummer

    Are our ears tuned to tradition?

    There has been a couple of interesting threads lately where some boardmembers prefers good old school Ludwigs snares(Supra/BB) to the more modern offerings. I have also seen some leading session drummers say the Ludwig snares are preferred by most record producers. Lets switch to guitar for a...
  17. jornthedrummer

    Per Lindvall

    This one is worth posting: Swedish session ace Per Lindvall. Nice playing, awesome sound from the cymbals and drums. It appears to be Tama Star drums - very nice resonance in the toms. thx jorn Edit: 2nd song...
  18. jornthedrummer

    Your perfect day

    Mine would be: Morning shack with a certain young Asian beaty Breakfast with a good coffee, orange juice, mineral water, eggs, bacon, home made bread, salad, yoghurt, berries. Lots of time available. Walk in a forest with said Asian beauty. 20 deg C, light breeze, sunny. An expresso and...
  19. jornthedrummer

    DrumEmotion - double drumming

    Guys you gotta check this out: I guess we can call it world music. Anyway beautiful, flawless drumming by Gulli Briem(Mezzoforte) and Szilard Banai(east European studio ace). For me its another example that drum soloing/composition (if I may call it...
  20. jornthedrummer

    Great tune with drums and solo by Dave Weckl

    Funky, great tune and excellent sound quality: Enjoy!