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    A cheap drum resource.. anyone in Colorado?

    So I am going to let you all in on a little secret to where you can find cheap drums time and time again...the only thing is this resource is typically not willing to ship certain items and watch out for shipping prices. I have seen some very nice sets go for stupid cheap prices. Anyway if...
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    How hard can I hit electronic drums???

    Its been a long while since I have shown my face around here..not on purpose though :). Anyway I just picked up my first electronic drum set, a Hart Prodigy set with an Alesis D5 module. Its not the greatest set, but its not supposed to be, I love my acoustic set and nothing can replace a good...
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    Recommended snare case for Super Sensitive..

    I have a Super Sensitive that I guess I have neglected, because I have not put it in a case for those long periods when I have not played it. But its got that Super Sensitive snare bottom that sticks out like wings, what case choices do I have? Thanks yall
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    Tuning your drums to notes A,C,E..etc...???

    I am also a member on Gearslutz, so yes you can ask me questions about mics, miking a drum set and the best preamps to use. Anyway a few posts on GS suggest that they tune their drums to different notes. No one ever told me this? I have asked fellow drummers when first getting into drumming...
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    Can YOU Identify this Ludwig Pedal??????

    I have come across two of these Ludwig pedals. They are the most heavy duty built pedals I have ever seen. Weird clamping mechanism that works great. Can you identify? Most classic Ludwig pedals had names like "Ghost" and "Speed King" etc. Would love to know the name of this one. I sure hope...
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    Can you identify the Trow off on the Ludwig Gold Triumphal

    I cant seem to find anywhere the model number or the type of trow off used on the Gold Triumphal. I don't own a Ludwig GT but I do have a 50's Sherwood snare (Made by Ludwig) which uses the exact same throw and tube lugs. You guessed it my throw is long gone. So if anyone in the know wants to...
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    So when did the final Ludwig's roll out of Chicago?

    Why am I asking?? Yes I know around 84'-85' the plant moved to Monroe NC. But here is why I am asking. I just picked up a Super Sensitive 14x6.5" in smooth bronze with a Chicago badge (Just like the Current Monroe NC badge) to match my early 80's kit with the same end of the line Chicago badges...
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    Should I take her virginity or not???? PG rated

    I thought that title would get some attention. But seriously I have a Ludwig 80's Chicago Keystone badge Maple classic drum set in Red Mahogany. The 24" bass drum is virgin and I do like it that way but I am toying with the idea of putting a Ludwig modular tom mount on top of the bass. Should I...
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    To Restore or Not to Restore that is the question

    I really need to know some opinions on this one. Rule of thumb with guitars is, if you have a vintage guitar DO NOT TOUCH IT, DO NOT MOD IT. If the paint is peeling off, let it peel and be a relic. So what about drums? I have seen some of you post how you have brought old kits back to life, and...
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    Ludwig ..Whats the difference between Black Beauty, Supraphonic and Super Sensitive??

    Can someone spell this out for me what is the difference? I was leaning towards a Supra Phonic, due to it being the most recorded snare ever and that's what I would use it for.
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    Anyone know about Sherwood Drums????

    I have an extremely vintage to antique Sherwood snare drum. NO one can tell me anything about them. Nothing comes up on Internet searches. It has a real bronze badge that is square with the corners that have a half circle cut out of them, kind of like an iron cross. Says Sherwood made in USA...
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    Ludwig Keystone badge clarification need some help

    Hey everybody my first post on this forum. A little while ago I got my first "Real" set. For years I played a 90's Ludwig Rocker, please restrain comments. Anyway I picked up a Red Mahogany finish early 1980's "Keystone" Ludwig set with virgin bass drum. Apparently the last year in Chicago...