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    Groove Feedom App

    This is something folks may be interested in. ... I just downloaded Mike Johnson's "new Groove Freedom" iPad App. Been practicing this morning with it on my iPad. Wow, this is really really nice. It appears to be good for improving reading and coordination skills. And its like having a...
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    Brain Game

    Put both hands up in air. Now take left hand and draw circles in air. Stop. Now take right hand and draw a square in air. Stop. Now attempt to do both at same time - drawing circle with left and square with right. What did you find?
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    IEM/Headphones with Microphone Outfront

    I had a thought about montoring drums but I dont know if this makes sense. I want to use IEM or Isolation headphones of some type and place a room mic in front of drums set about 5-10 feet away and feed that audio back into my headphone basically capturing what the sound would be if I was...