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    Ludwig Superclassic 1967 and acrolite rocks

    Hi, 70's Ludwig drums and Black beauty snare drum are my favorite in my drum gear, but I love also 60 drums and acrolite snare, especially for heavy rock drumming
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    1950 Gretsch, 1969 Ludwig Orange, 1978 Black beauty, and 30's Slingerland Radioking

    Hi, in this video I play my Gretsch drum set dated 1950, and a 1978 Black beauty super sensitive 14x5 And in this video I play my Ludwig orange set, with a killer slingerland radioking 14x7 solid maple shell
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    1972 Rogers (24 inch BD) and 1978 Black beauty 14x6,5

    Hi, this is my 1972 Rogers drum set, 24,12,13,16 and my 70's Black beauty 14x6,5, recorded only with zoom Q2 i 3 different places.I hope you will like it Bye
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    24'' Ludwig Vintage bass drum

    Hi, what do you think about my 70's 14x6,5 Black beauty? it's my favorite snare, I love 70's ludwigs, especially 24' 3 ply bass drum
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    Moeller Technique facebook group

    A facebook group about Moeller Technique, check it out
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    summer practicing:))
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    a group called Moeller Technique

    a facebook group about Moeller Technique
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    2+2=4 Drum Method (facebook page), 16 free pages between pictures!
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    Moeller Technique accents on singles (no fingering)
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    Gladstone Technique warm up
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    Gladstone Technique drum pad solo
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    Moeller Technique Pad Solo