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    What is the thickest yet lightest stick?

    I am looking for the thickest yet the lightest stick in Vic firth/ Vater catalog... However it seems that all the sticks companies doesn't show the weight of the stick:( I used to play the buddy rich sticks, however lately they become heavier then they used to. Any other sticks recommendation ?
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    Positional Sensing or Supernatural?

    I am a bit confused with this two technologies, which one is better? is it the same technology but Supernatural is more advanced? or it is two different technologies? if so, which one is more important?
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    Transferring acoustic kit to electronic, help needed with the module.

    Hi all, Before few years I decided to trigger my acoustic set, I bought the td 3, and ddrums red shoots,I also left my original acoustics cymbals. That was nice for time. Lately I decided to transform my acoustic set to a complete electronic set. I started by replacing the acoustic cymbals...
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    Help needed on choosing good electronic hihat

    Hi all, I have Sonor drums that I transferred to electric kit. I did it so I can practice at night. What I did was to put red triggers from ddrum, and td3 module. I also put the regular drum pads to muffle the sound instead of the usual mesh heads. So now if I want to go live drumming I simply...
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    Td3 Hihat , how to simulate closed hihat sound, without pedal

    Hi all, I have TD3 module connected to triggers , I also have real cymbals. Since I want to practice at night I want to add some hi-hat possibilities . I have a spare trigger, so I connected it to some PAD to be my hi-hat, problem is that without the hi-hat controller the module only give an...
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    recording question , (tricky one...)

    I have the following "ingredients" : 1) TD3 module, connected to triggers 2) real cymbals (not electronics) 3) ZOOM H2 4) Ipad with garage band How can I record the drums in one shot, means, the electronic drums with the acoustic cymbals in one track? ( not to record the drums alone, and than...
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    What do you think on this drum cover, tons of feel

    I really like it, it shows that you can add very nice feel to rock drumming What say you ? :)
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    Triggering my acoustic set, need help

    Hello all, I thought to trigger my acoustic set, means I want to enjoy both worlds, in the afternoon I would play regulary , and in the night I will put some drum mute and use the triggers. Is it possible? Or the drum mutes ruin the trigger responsiveness? ( is it even possible to add triggers...
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    Hudson online DVD files

    I bought some DVD online from Hudson music, and downloaded their special ( nice) video application. Is there some way to see the files in different devices? Like iPad? As the files are "locked" in the video application from Hudson.
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    What do you say on this drum cover, found it on youtube : it blow me away!
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    How do you know when your kid got a talent?

    I was wondering, how do you know when your kid got a talent? I read and heard on many drummers that start to play at the age of 2, and in the age of 3 start to preform with their parents. and so on.. (Jojo mayer, Buddy rich..) How can that be? I mean looking at my nephew who is almost 2 years...
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    Any recommendation for SONOR jungle drum heads?

    Hi, I would like to buy SONOR JUNGLE kit, and I want to know if there is some recommended heads for it ? (for the bass for example ?)
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    New, High quality, small set, possible?

    I am looking for a small drum set, currently I am using the Pearl Traveler kit, which is nice. But I want something better, the main problem is that all the regular quality sets have huge bass drum that takes so much place. What options exist for hight quality set, that doesn't take much space?
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    Killer - Jenny was a friend of mine.

    Yesterday I heard the killers amazing song, Jenny was a friend of mine, and was pretty hooked by the drummer work (great drummer!) ! where can I find the notes for the main reef?
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    Heel UP technique question

    Lately I noticed that when I play heel up my leg is resting on the pedal so the beater stay on the drum head and not loose. My teacher said that it is OK, but it is only one method ( and not the recommended one..) My question is how can I do it differently ? how to rest my leg on the pedal with...
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    What software to use in order to combine drum track with music track

    I have a music track (no drums.) And drums track. What is the best and easy way to edit them together? (no Qbase please :) )
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    How do you lay down a drum track in a song?

    I am trying to lay down a drum track on a drum-less song, and I want to know what is usual procedure for this kind of a task :) Do you first run a basic beat? then add fills? where to put transitions and so on.. ?
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    How the pro drummers do it? night after night?

    Lately There was some blitz of good rock bands touring my country, and I was looking where they are going to preform next, and it always amazes me that , for example metallica, come for one night to preform and the day after they are already in other country preforming. How they do it? How a...
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    Is Istanbul agop cymbal still made by hand?

    I heard some rumor that Istanbul cymbals stop using hand hammered technique, and start using machines like the big three. is it true?
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    Is the reso head on the bass drum effect the sound?

    I was wondering if the reso head on the bass drum effect the sound , or it Is really doesn't matter which head you put on it, some store sales man told me that it really doesn't matter and a total waste of money. I saw that remo for example have special bass heads just for the reso side, and...