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  1. Clone285051

    My Lignum back in action !

    Hello, It's been awhile (to say the least .. 1 year), since my last post in 2013. Part of the reason has to do with my job (self-employed plumber) which is as busy as it can get (!). The good news is, that doing so, I can buy myself new stuff from time to time :-). Since 2013, wood-hoops...
  2. Clone285051

    Not my playing but a great Lignum artist @ work

    Hey guys, I'd like to share this guys playing with you all : Richard Heijerman ... a big drummer in a lot of styles ! And since a few years he has his hands on some awesome Lignum drum kits. Check it out ;). Cheers !
  3. Clone285051

    Finally Zoom recordings from my Lignum drums

    Hello drumworld :-), As promised (a very while ago) I finally have some recordings with a Zoom-recorder. Friday I had some visitors at my house, Gert Breugelmans (builder of these incredible drums) and Servaas Steurbaut (drummer of the band Cloon) who wanted to check out my set of drums :-)...
  4. Clone285051

    Recording Lignum drumkit

    Clip 2 can be found here :
  5. Clone285051

    New Lignum drum (in progress)

    New Lignum drums finished !!! Can I give you 1 more update ? ... I won't promise its the last one :p ! New title .. << ALL THINGS UNDERNEATH my LIGNUM :D >> Today I finally finished work on my setup, regarding positioning and marking everything down onto the carpet. I used to have duct-tape...
  6. Clone285051

    New gear for 2010: Tama Star...

    PHONIC :D !!! ... and its obvious I want to share the goodness ;). Yesterday the package finally arrived after being stuck at the Belgium foreign customs. Tama's new series of snaredrums are getting more and more available, I got mine from Ebay at a more affordable price than normal...
  7. Clone285051

    New here ... pics of my Tama Rockstar and snaredrums !!!

    Hello and welcome to my Tama Rockstar kit ! Its the 2003 Custom series with a red mahony laquer finish and the Star-cast mounts. Since then there have been added a lot of stuff (Sabian/Meinl cymbals, Tama hardware, SKB cases). Here are some pics of my latest setup : Specs ...