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    Relocating drums question

    My wife and daughter are out of town for the next ten days so I have the house to myself. Currently my kit is in our unfinished basement where I have a crude setup for me and the guys I jam with. With the house to myself I want to move my kit to our unused formal living room which is warm and...
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    Protocol Question - Possibly a Stupid One

    Never mind - sheesh tough crowd for new guys. MM
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    Bee Gee's Night Fever hi-hat question

    I am learning Night Fever by the Bee Gee's cuz I like the groove. I hated disco when I was a kid but as an adult I like the four on the floor groove and cool hi hat stuff featured in Night Fever, and many other disco tunes. On to my question - At the beginning of the song and then throughout...
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    Grip Change Imposed UGH

    After almost a year with my former teacher (about the amount if time I have been playing) I changed teachers. My first lesson with my new teacher was last Thursday and the first thing he did was change my grip - which is FINE, he is the teacher I am the student. The "problem" is the new grip...
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    Did I just figure something out?

    Ok first a confession - until today I always said John Bonham was my favorite drummer because I was told basically that he was my favorite drummer - make sense? I mean I always loved Led Zeppelin in general and Bonzo specifically even before I picked up sticks. But when someone would ask me why...
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    Matched Grip Question

    As it pertains to my index finger should the stick rest: a) On the padded part of the finger's first joint - i.e the finger tip. b) Between the padded parts of joint 1 and joint 2 - on the finger's "line" c) The padded part of the finger's second joint - the joint nearer the hand. d) Between...
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    Am I wrong????

    Last week my wife shared with me bad details regarding a young couple we are friends with. They are in their mid 20's and we are in our 40's. The couple is married and has a home. Living with them is the husband's parents - temporarily but they have been there long enough to terrorize their...
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    Annoying Sounds

    I have been on the drumming journey now for about 18 months - funny how I count my experience like a baby, by months. Suppose I will use years when I hit the terrible two's - anyway.... Sometimes when I hear a Who song (with Moonie) or lately a lot of Levon Helm stuff with The Band I feel...
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    Help Learning a Song

    I just recently joined my first band ever - I am in my early early mid 40's so why rush into things right? Anyway I am learning one of the band's original songs. It is not a hard song at all from a drumming perspective - in fact the main beat in the song is the "ACDC" beat (1/8th notes on the...
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    So Long Mork...

    Really sorry to hear how you checked out man but we get it. I didn't like your stand up stuff after you got sober but I enjoyed many of your films and you entertained multiple generations of adults and children. You will be missed. JM
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    I'm a German auto maker...

    ...Is what I say when counting 8's - anyone else have any similar subsititutions? I am looking for a good one to count 6's... JM
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    Hello from the frontier

    I am Michael - my friends call me Michael. I am an intelligent, attractive, bad drummer. My tempo is as smooth as Charles Barkley's golf swing and my chops as expansive as a concussed boxer's vocabulary. I look forward to posting useless diatribes against hats and asking esoteric questions about...