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  1. blinky

    New Rogers throne anyone?

    I'm looking for a new throne and was almost set on a Roc n soc but since they are somewhat scarce around here, and pricey too, I'm a bit interested in the new Rogers. There's no reviews on it that I have found. Has anyone here tried it?
  2. blinky

    Question about push-pull technique

    How do you go about the push-pull technique when you play either straight 16:ths or shuffled; do you push on the "one" or pull or the "one"? I tend to push on the one in both cases but I'm not sure if that's the best way, as my shuffles is limited to round about 130-140 bpm before I tense up and...
  3. blinky

    Too many fingers in left hand???

    Hi fellow drummers, I've been working on hand technique for two years now, (drumset player for 42 years) and like lots of other drummers I have difficulties with my left hand. I have a good teacher, I have read most threads on the subject, but can't find anything that helps me. So here I go. The...
  4. blinky

    Bitten by the Rogers bug!

    So I finally found a Rogers Dynasonic 7 line snare after searching for some time. I believe it to be a 1964 model like me, the serial number is 3202 and it has the tall hoops and the clockface strainer. Unfortunately the snare frame is missing so I have to try to find one. The snare do sound...
  5. blinky

    Snare basket rubber tips

    Rubber tips, protectors, insulators or what you're calling them, where can I find the vintage ones for Rogers swiv-o-matics, Ludwig or Slingerlands etc. Inner measure of 5X12,5 millimeters or 3/16"X1/2". I know that there is something called Plasti-Dip and that is maybe the answer, but if any of...
  6. blinky

    Regal Tip/Vic Firth

    I bought some different size sticks to try, I've been using VF 2B's a year or so but wanted some thinner sticks. I really like the Regal Tip laquer finish since I have very dry hands and the Regal Tips give some friction compared to Vic Firth sticks. The Regal Tip 5B's and 5BX's I tried have a...
  7. blinky

    Vibraphone players

    Hi, I'm thinking of maybe getting myself a vibraphone, mostly because I love the sound of it. I've found one old for sale at a fair price, in good working condition, three octaves. I don't know if I would have much time to practice though, I want to put my spare time on the drums, so I won't be...
  8. blinky

    For how long do you practice on each excercise?

    A question mostly for you who practice rudiments on the pad, but also for the kit player: Have you found the ideal length of time of shedding on each excercise/rudiment/groove/fill or whatever? I'm working mostly on hand technique and I've tried to get through half of my assignments everyday...
  9. blinky

    Crazy world of Arthur Brown concert

    I'm on my way home from one of the best concerts I've seen so far. One of the greats, Arthur Brown, and his voice is as good as it ever been, great band too, don't miss it if you have a chance to see them. Once Carl Palmer was their drummer before ELP, but the band of today is propably as good...
  10. blinky

    George way "Indy"

    Hi all, I'm in the market for an Indy snare, and will have a look at one this Tuesday. I really like the design and the beertap strainer. Any comments on this snare?
  11. blinky

    18" galore

    Hey all, and a Happy New Year! I'm about to set up my little Gretsch New Classic in my garage to get some brush practicing going. Just bass, snare, hi-hat and maybe my A medium ride with rivets. Right now I have a Emad on the bass drum which I don't like. I'm after a boomy sound, what do you...
  12. blinky

    Roland hihat controllers

    Hello all, my TD-4 hihat pedal went south, I have now disassembled it, cleaned it and put on some silicone grease, so it works again, but it ain't no good, maybe it never was. I'm thinking of upgrading from the FD-8 to the FD-9, but I have to buy it on the web since the last drum shop in our...
  13. blinky

    DW snare drum thin aluminum

    I'm thinking of buying one, 6,5"x14". I've been in the market for a supra 6,5" but they are either expensive or in bad shape, then I found this DW, which is also in aluminum and at a better price. Has anyone tried both the supra and the DW? What do you think?
  14. blinky

    Black dots?

    So, I'm thinking of Remo CS heads for my new Tama Superstar in mirror chrome. I'm about to changing the original Tama heads, they are not bad but from a 5 year old demo kit and is a bit dented. This kit is for me kind of a tribute to the seventies kits I drooled over in my youth, but in the end...
  15. blinky

    Gretsch Floating Action

    Hi all, I got a FA pedal and I like it alot, problem is when having the pedal in it's lowest position the floorboard hits the wing screw on the mounting plate. And I've seen several FA floorboards with damage to the floorboards caused by this. Is the problem the wingscrew itself? Maybe I can cut...
  16. blinky

    How do you use your SPD-SX?

    I bought one some time ago, thinking I was going to use it for different sounds as timpani, tubular bells, sound effects and do some bass lines to play against. I'm probably not interested enough to overcome the technical hassles (yes I'm a moron when it comes to electronics, computors and...
  17. blinky

    Hayman Vibrasonic

    Maybe this should be in "What are the good vintage drum" thread, but I start a new one. Currently I have a New Classic bop kit and while it's pretty good, I want a kit with bigger bass drum, and since I'm into a lot of older music/drummers (sixties/seventies progressive) it would be nice to have...
  18. blinky

    Are oldies goldies?

    I'm thinking drumshells. I'm in the mood for a "new" kit and lately I've been looking for a Hayman Vibrasonic kit from late sixties, I have a thing for them. Many of my fav drummers played those British built drums back then, Bill Bruford and Brian Davison among others. Problem is that they are...
  19. blinky

    Marching sticks for practice

    So I'm thinking of getting some marching sticks too use on the pad, maybe Vic Firth Ralph Hardimon. Currently I've been focusing on my hand technique, joining Bill Bachmans Drumworkout and I have made lots of progress. I use 5A:s and have always done so, but I have heard something about using...
  20. blinky

    Roland TD4 snaredrum sound

    Playing around with the ride cymbal sound I accidentally switched my snare for a ride cymbal sound. Strange backbeat... Anyhow, my custom snare sound is lost, which I was pleased with. I've tried the different settings and I can't find my way back, not even to a pleasant sound snaredrum. The...