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  1. dboomer

    Facebook Scams

    I keep getting scam ads on Facebook like this. Anyone wanna buy Gretsch or DW kits for $94?
  2. dboomer

    If only my drums would fit

    Robot roadie!
  3. dboomer

    Utility Cart???

    Gonna get me a new multi-cart. I’ve always used rocknroller in the past but I'm wondering if there is anything newer out in the marketplace that works better? I’m more concerned about weight, foldability and easy of use than price. Anybody?
  4. dboomer

    HH clutch to fit 10mm tom post???

    Has anyone ever seen a HH clutch that could mount on a L-rod type arm? I have a spot where that would work perfectly for a tiny Xhat but so far I haven't been able to source one?