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  1. ledzepjb

    Steve Jordan's Bio

    I couldn't help but notice that one of my favorite drummers, Steve Jordan, has no biography on his ''Drummers'' page! What shall we do?!
  2. ledzepjb

    quick question

    Just a quick question regarding kit configuration: how far is you snare from you bass drum, and how far is your throne from your bass drum. I ask this because the way i mount my toms(on the bassdrum) doesnt let me get very close to the bassdrum and i wanted to know about everybody else's, i...
  3. ledzepjb

    to mic ot not to mic?

    Alright, so here's the deal: i have an upcoming show in an audotorium. It can hold about 500 people so its still quite large, tall cealing and the harmonics of the room arent great but i dont believe they are horrible. So ive been reading around about how micing can ruin your drum...
  4. ledzepjb

    Show Off Your PEARL!

    Alright, so there's pretty much a ''show off your_____'' thread for all the big brands, so we might as well have one for Pearl! For now I don't have any pictures of my Pearl but as soon as I get the chance to take some I will post 'em!
  5. ledzepjb

    TRAK drums

    Has anyone ever heard of TRAK, I heard that they made drums in the 80s and then around early 90s disapeared because of financial problems. So, are they good quality, does anyone own a TRAK set or does anyone have any info on them???