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  1. GetAgrippa

    Show Night with the Devo Tribute band!

    I enjoyed that Bo-kit and you sound great. Is that the Pearl RT snare too? "The Pearl orphan kit sounded awesome and I think the girls in the front row really dug the big 26" bass drum!" I hope you tell your wife that despite all those adoring female fans up front that you only pull out the big...
  2. GetAgrippa

    Needs More Cowbell!

    That's hilarious! My brothers and friends and I loved wrestling growing up-so we had mock events even into college years my roommates and friends would get toasted and we'd put on a big show. Reminds me of one of our anti-hero heroes was Abdullahs the Butcher who was actually hispanic and later...
  3. GetAgrippa


    I like this definition of "Opinion"-a view or judgment formed about something, not necessarily based on fact or knowledge. Yeah the "not necessarily based on fact or knowledge " is the key caveat. So there is a distinction between someone stating an opinion to fact and knowledge based...
  4. GetAgrippa


    Everyone does something or says something idiotic-just part of being human. It doesn't mean you are one. "Hate" is such an interesting emotion because you have to really care (sometimes even love something) to even bother. If you don't care it provokes no emotion. It reminds me of the years ago...
  5. GetAgrippa

    New to me kit on the way !

    Man that is a beautiful finish and kit but, for your own good, you need to have it sent to "ME" so I can perform some quality control studies-I"ll send you the analysis. Such a fine kit and investment you want to make sure it meets all engineering and acoustic standards -yeah sure the heads will...
  6. GetAgrippa


    "Hate" seems like such a strong word-I don't think I've ever seen that. Arguments galore. Some angst and tempers may flare-In fact we use to have Wrestling night (to relieve the angst) till all the female forum members keep getting the best of us males (we got fragile egos). So now we take turns...
  7. GetAgrippa

    Drummers who use technology without attending college

    I remember my first computer language course was on punch cards-my has the technology changed. Took three languages (what a waste to time), everyone use to build the devices, write programs to run them-then a shift to companies taking the rudimentary technology to new levels with all kinds of...
  8. GetAgrippa

    Wow - trad grip still works!

    Wow Moxman when I started at 8 it was traditional but years later when I started back again-(which I've been back over 20 years now) I switched to match-mainly because of power. I can still do traditional but no power at all so I went matched-probably should have just worked on my traditional in...
  9. GetAgrippa

    drummer sues to keep his place in the band

    I look at it he was a founding member of Aerosmith since 1970 and with that their rises and falls. I've never seen the Bad Boyz from Boston in concert but they were hugely popular back in their day-sure can think of a lot of great times listening to there then new albums. I think it all sounds...
  10. GetAgrippa

    Recording - The unrelenting task master

    Yeah sounds like Georgia-growing up in Bible Belt it's something that's pretty common place-a church on every corner just as you described. My parents went to church some my first ten years or so of life but after that I didn't enter except for funerals and weddings and pretty antagonistic to it...
  11. GetAgrippa

    Best batter for a 26"

    I've always been fond of the Evans EQ3 works well on my 24 in kick-reso and batter heads.
  12. GetAgrippa

    So proud of Yolanda :)

    Wow tell Yolanda congratulations!!!!! The DW forum gang are so proud and in full support. I loved when she created the bass line for the Guru drum contest-that was a lot of fun-and kudos to Yolanda for taking the time to participate. Did Sting actively recruit her or did she try out for the...
  13. GetAgrippa

    Real wood veneers, or engineered?

    The Alpi veneers are more or less a necessity because of limiting resources of precious woods. Humans have been really good at raping timber and exporting round the world-did it in Europe, then in US, etc. and now South America. The gymnosperm pines can grow to harvest in decades (though the...
  14. GetAgrippa

    Zildjian ZBTs

    I bought the Zil ZBT cymbal pack for about $150 years ago. The 3 Cymbal Pack included an 18" crash ride and a pair of 13" hi-hats plus a free 14" crash. The hats are still in use but both crash and ride sit collecting dust-I even tried rivets but they are just horrendous. I did find the 14 crash...
  15. GetAgrippa

    Making a Movie about the Drums

    I see a movie starting with a Drummer Sensei using drum sticks to catch flies as "incense" (wink, wink) smolders in background. A young lad wanders in and the Drum master throws his sticks pinning the kid to the wall. Thus is their introduction...... but they become fast friends because the...
  16. GetAgrippa

    Your snare hand/arm

    I use to keep my snare lower and rest arm on leg but comments of bad technique and etiquette I raised my snare up to belly button. I do think it drew my arm in too close to body and restricted my arm movements. But because it's so high I have to do like Larry and angle my snare towards me so it...
  17. GetAgrippa

    My Band - Jazz/Hip Hop

    Jazz/Hip Hop with cultural/ancestry influences (which is how it all began with cultural/ancestry incorporating stories and influences) now how can you go wrong-awesome!!!!!! Looks like a steady fun gig and I like the idea of it all.
  18. GetAgrippa

    Help Needed!!

    Great-thanks for your honesty. Kudos to your prof to give study exam questions. Now you've cleared that up I'm pretty sure some music educators can help you figure this out on here.
  19. GetAgrippa

    Help Needed!!

    I hate to be pain in the are but "I've been given this as a "potential" question for a college exam". So "Potential" does this mean this is a study question your prof gave you or this is an actual exam question? Tell the truth now. Because if the former it's fine but if later it's cheating-so...
  20. GetAgrippa

    Video of our band playing

    Man that's an awesome band to be in Porkpie-your playing is spot on too. I like the singer and harmonizing vocals-you don't see a lot of good harmony in many bands. Are y'all based in South Carolina?