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  1. CommanderRoss

    Mike Portnoy’s badassery

    Am I the only one here giving two horns up over the fact he inverts the DW logo on his Tama kit because it makes his initials? This had me smiling a lot.
  2. CommanderRoss

    Players who help you play better

    In the wake of Neil's death, I've come to realize that many players of his caliber that we try to play to, only help us play better. Some will argue that it's an exercise in futility, but I maintain that their redonkulously good ability pulls us out of our comfort zone. Guys like Carter...
  3. CommanderRoss

    Which is louder...

    Drums or cymbals? I have a set of the Sabian QuietTone (hats/2 crashes/ride), and I really like them. The feel of those are really good and the lack of noise keeps the neighbors happy. My drums however are unmuffled. I tried using the the SoundOff pads with the RTOM bass mesh mute and the feel...
  4. CommanderRoss


    I got one of these for Christmas and I really don’t know what to do with it. Some say to put it on the batter head (the logic of that escapes me), but I use the Evans Hydraulics. That would be a bad, oily idea. Others have said put it on the reso, and it’ll enhance the sustain and resonance...
  5. CommanderRoss

    There are cannon kicks, then there's this!

  6. CommanderRoss

    Rig Rundowns

    I'm a big fan of Hair Nation on SiriusXM. Often times, I'll hear songs from "back in the day" where the drum sound is just awesome. In particular, the snare sounds of L.A. Guns' drummer Rob Gardner & Queensryche's Scott Rockenfield. The issue is when I try & look up what gear they used back...
  7. CommanderRoss

    23" kick

    Anyone have any experience with this size? Some say it's the perfect blend of punch and boom while others say it's just a pain in the arse for heads, cases & the like. Thoughts?
  8. CommanderRoss

    Jack DeJohnette cymbals

    Saw these back in the 80's and as far as I know, they were some of the first unlathed cymbals around. I know he still has a line with Sabian under their HHX line, but they're nothing like his debut. Anyone make a fully unlathed top like his old ones?
  9. CommanderRoss

    Thomas Lang DW mystery

    His new album ProgPop is out & he has 2 videos out: Time & Donkey. In them, he plays what appears to be a DW MDD double pedal, but they're chain drive. Anyone have a line on what model of DW's these are? Custom conversion or is there a chain option over the DD?
  10. CommanderRoss

    Stan Lynch

    Any Stan fans here? I loved Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers in the early days. He influenced me to play traditional grip for rock as well as look at naked chicks while in the studio. He was a character. I've heard he's producing or something now.
  11. CommanderRoss

    Low Boy

    Picked my up one of these last weekend. The one with the leather pad on the front. I'm not sure how it does it, but the attack & boom I get from the kick is much higher. Anyone else have one of these with a similar experience?
  12. CommanderRoss

    All copper shell snare

    I did a search & didn't find this. I'm in the market for one. I've seen the Yamaha, Ludwig & DW versions & am curious as to how they sound compared to other metals.
  13. CommanderRoss

    Just pulled the retirement trigger

    After 23 years in Corrections for the state of Arizona, I filled out my paperwork. Feel sorta numb about the whole thing as I still have 2 weeks to go and I don't think it's sunk in yet. When I consider I've spent a quarter of my life in prison, it's a lot to just walk away from. I'm...
  14. CommanderRoss

    Cymbal Ingots

    The local GC had a Zildjian display high up on the wall that showed the different stages from ingot to finished product. Seeing that lead me to wonder if getting the raw ingot is possible? No other reason than I just want one. Anyone seen them available?
  15. CommanderRoss

    Vic Firth Silver Bullet

    Model: ( 5ASB ) American Classic® Specialty Aluminum tip produces cymbal sounds that cut and carry with amazing brilliance and clarity. Am I the only one who thinks metal on metal contact isn't a good idea? I get a red alert on the back of my neck for some reason over these...
  16. CommanderRoss

    Gear and engineering

    I've posted about an old Tama King Beat pedal that I still play on from time to time & the reactions have made for an interesting observation. That pedal was made in a time where everything seemed to be over engineered. Tama for one had the slogan, "The toughest name in drums" back then and...
  17. CommanderRoss

    NAMM 2018

    I searched for a 2018 NAMM thread & nothing came up. So here we goooo... After many years of hoping, wishing and praying, I'm finally getting to go! As a first time NAMMer, some advise would be appreciated. I'm sure I'll need to see a chiropractor after the weekend as my head will be on a...
  18. CommanderRoss

    Good Buddy Rich quote on practice

    I read that Buddy is quoted as saying, "I think it's a fallacy that the harder you practice, the better you'll get. You get better by playing." Is it safe to assume he means steady solo practice combined with regular playing with other musicians is how one gets better?
  19. CommanderRoss

    Giving back to the community

    A while back, I bought 8 djembe's at an estate sale for real cheap (no one knew how to rehead/restring them). After refurbishing them, I gave them away to schools all over town. That lead to fixing some kits for middle/high schools so the students would actually have working drums to play on...
  20. CommanderRoss

    Kick Drum Anchors

    Saw an ad for Kick Lock kick drum anchor. Anyone here use a devise like this? I've seen a few and think they'd be good if you didn't have a rug (who doesn't?) or maybe forgot it.