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  1. Tamaefx

    Small Crashes Anyone?

    I haven't yet played a small crash that pleased my ear. To me it's either 16" and above or 8 or 10" splashes. In between, it's difficult; but I'd love to try good in "in-betweens"!
  2. Tamaefx

    Bigger Kits

    Sometimes, you see people playing kits that don't seem to fit the music, although it sounds well. I listened to a band that only plays Dark side of the moon / Echoes, the drummer played a four piece 20 10 14 which was odd. Of course the music wasn't that much altered, but still, I personnaly...
  3. Tamaefx

    Bigger Kits

    I'm happy playing live a classic 5 piece kit (22 12 13 16 or 22 10 12 14 depending the situation) but I would definately like to go back to my first love : 3 up 1 down ; I don't care that much for a second floor that I would barely use. But 10 12 13 on top would allow a greater variety of fills...
  4. Tamaefx


    This one thing I don't doubt ; I'm sure they're very good sounding drums, with beautiful shells. The other thing I'm sure, those drums would have much more thumbs up and sales if they also offered more classic colours, let say transparent cherry, or transparent black, silver sparkle, gloss...
  5. Tamaefx


    Is it shiny or mat ?
  6. Tamaefx

    Why is there a lack of love for 22x18" bass drums?

    I can live with a 22x18, but I prefer 22x16. First for practical reason, transportation,... second for the sound, it seemed easier to get the sound I like from a 22x16. Aesthetically, both are fine, but I don’t like 22x20 beer can.
  7. Tamaefx

    Double bass vs single bass drummers

    Think of Simon Philips, never felt any robotic feel in his drumming.
  8. Tamaefx

    What's a vehicle you love but it's just a terrible vehicle to own?

    It’s now owned by PSA : Peugeot, not Renault. most terrible car I owned : a Mini, the original Austin from 1989 or so. A charming car, really, but It just couldn’t work properly. The automatic gearbox was awful, and I had my load of engine failure on it, the car couldn’t stand hot weather, nor...
  9. Tamaefx

    Would you purchase a used kit from studio

    10 years in a rehearsal studio? If rehearsal studios are like the ones I’ve been, I would definitely look away!
  10. Tamaefx

    Steel snare drum question

    Or the drum way : old Ludwigs or Slingerlands chrome will, probably; Old Premier or Pearl will be less prompt to rust ;-) A bit of joke inside you may find exceptions!
  11. Tamaefx

    Mounted vs virgin kick

    You’re on that point. It’s mostly due to habits. The kits come with clamps, then you clamp to the cymbal stands. I never did that to my kits, I favoured offset double tom stands.
  12. Tamaefx

    Mounted vs virgin kick

    With undrilled BD, you can technically put the tom anywhere, but who cares? Most people, and most catalog pictures will want the toms in front of the drummer, and above the bass drum. When I don't use the bass mount I really prefer an offset double tom stand. Otherwise, each time I fought with...
  13. Tamaefx

    Hating on the Stock Snare

    I have played matching stock snares that were damn good. Premier Signia, Premier Genista, Gretsch Renown, Starclassic Maple, to say the least. Those ones, I even had the chance to play two depth each. Each time really good. I remember a Sonor Force 3000 which had a pretty solid stock snare too...
  14. Tamaefx

    What's ONE piece of gear that made you change the way you play your whole kit?

    The first one was a Tom stand: which allowed me to offset my toms. The second and more important isn’t a gear but an App: live BPM, I use it to keep a good control of my tempo, not obsessed by it, but I check it out from time to time like the tachometer of a motorbike/car.
  15. Tamaefx

    Which kit really sounds like THIS ?

    Which isn't bad either :) ; Though the 10" does bother me a little on the SW vid.
  16. Tamaefx

    Any Graphic Design experts in the house?

    Yes it's possible, you'll need a printer, that would produce a sticker for your bass drum. With a little bulb inside the shell, it'll be gorgeous.
  17. Tamaefx

    Any Graphic Design experts in the house?

    You will need a high def picture, 300dpi if possible. The postcard is small. I know the picture is to be seen at least five meter away, but the picture seems small to get printed on a bass drum skin.
  18. Tamaefx

    14" FT in the rack tom position of a 4-piece

    Not completely your positioning but I did use the 14 as a rack tom : 12 13 14 racks up front and a 16x16. A bit big, and tuning wise, it took me long to make it sound like I would've liked.
  19. Tamaefx

    Anyone know what finish this is?

    Emerald Pacific Walnut Burst ?
  20. Tamaefx

    Sakae in 2020

    So there is only one line now ? The fact they changed the production site doesn't bother me ; the drums are nice, I still can't understand how they can produce such a ugly badge though. The configurations are original and interesting, with equal depth / shallow toms. (12x7-13x8 - 16x14 or 10x7...