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  1. BacteriumFendYoke

    So proud of Yolanda :)

    Blimey. Good for her! She's a lovely, lovely person and a World-class player. She deserves it.
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    David Lee Roth residency in Vegas

    Coked up.
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    Is Garageband good for creating music?

    Why would you switch from Logic to Garageband? Garageband is usefully powerful but it's significantly cut down in comparison.
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    Nick Mason

    He was very nice when I nearly knocked him over. I apologised profusely and he was very kind about it! Easily done though, he's not a big chap and I'm a bit on the large side.
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    What's a vehicle you love but it's just a terrible vehicle to own?

    I'm actually on a forum that is entirely dedicated to this concept.
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    It happened to me.

    I haven't practiced seriously since about 2012. I still have all of my gear and played it fairly regularly but right now my living situation doesn't allow for it. I'll get there one day. No rush.
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    Is it mutual?
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    drummer sues to keep his place in the band

    America's Greatest Rock Band? Give me a break, they're not even Boston's Greatest Rock Band. For the record, Boston's Greatest Rock Band is Pixies.
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    He invented this thread, you know. You know that time when you realised you've not seen an Inyke video in years and you miss him? No. Me neither.
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    Need a Masters' degree in idiotese...
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    I do too but for entirely different reasons. Largely to do with trying to comprehend the original poster...
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    What's your "day" job?

    IT Support at a University. I'm the guy that has to hold back swearing multiple times a day at just how astonishingly stupid people can be. I quite like my job...
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    If we're after covers on Youtube, this guy kicks the absolute snot out of everybody else: Watch how he also plays the vocal accents in 'Bleed'. Just wow.
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    Wait. You mean I've been doing it wrong all of these years?!
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    Twha od uyo neam?
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    It's a compilation of a number of authors and explores various fields in very niche musical genres, mainly Power Electronics. My portion is absolutely tiny and irrelevant really. I just answered on Twitter to the editor of the book as being interested in contributing. The special edition also...
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    I wrote an article about Hijokaiden once. It's in a book called 'Fight Your Own War': It's a decent read if you're into that sort of thing. My article is a tiny, tiny part of the whole book. In the spirit of shameless...
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    David Lee Roth residency in Vegas

    They were done 40 years ago but just didn't get the memo.
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    I did the best crap ever last night. Thought everyone would like to know. Rudy, you'd be a lot more believable if you could actually bloody spell. If all of what you've said is true, you must have a very, very patient editor. Quite simply? I don't believe you. Can you link to any of your...
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    Housemate reported me for drumming, again...

    Time for those late-night weekday airhorn orchestra rehearsals in the kitchen. A bit like this. But with these: