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  1. rebonn


    I dug out my old retro metronome trying to hone my tempo and realized how much I prefer the acoustic real dead metal slapping together vs a beep from a speaker. I have Pro Metronome on my phone mainly for gig set lists and starting tempo references. It has a rhythm trainer with sub divisions and...
  2. rebonn

    Gigging Mishaps

    I know we all have them. My latest, dropping my drum key behind the stage crack into the abyss. Luckily I had an extra. But it was my small key that's perfect for your pocket. Loosening the pedal cam instead of the linkage assembly. The slave pedal linkage assembly stripping out...
  3. rebonn

    Preferred Headworn Mic for Singing Drummers

    I currently use a Telefunken M-81 SH (the compact short version) and was wondering about the quality of the headworn mics sound compared to handheld ones aside from not being able to back off the mic. I was considering the AKG C-520. Thoughts would be appreciated on the different headworn mics...
  4. rebonn

    For Once I'm Glad I Have More Than One Kit

    We have a gig Friday night leaving the kit there. A gig Saturday at 6:30 to 8:00 with a different kit and then on to the gig with the original kit at 9:00. I have three kits that rotate for different gigs but I think this is the first time I actually needed more than one per outing rather than...
  5. rebonn

    New Mapex Mars Kit

    Well, I sprung for a different gigging kit. The Pearl and Signia will have to take a back seat for a while. Enter the Mars 4 piece Rock kit, 24X16, 16X16, 14X6.5, 12X8 6 ply 7.2 mm. The first thing I noticed was the drums are lighter than any others I've owned and has small mass lugs. The...
  6. rebonn

    Mapex HiHat Stands Too Short

    I found out the hard way. Seems all their series have 13" tubes instead of 18" tubes like my others making it a little too short and way too short if you prefer it a little higher. I hate having to return things.
  7. rebonn

    Live BPM and Metronome App Together

    Does an app like this exists? I have a good metronome app with stage mode that you can create set lists and tempos for songs. I was wondering about one that would also keep track of the tempo like Live BPM.
  8. rebonn

    A Late UPS Trailer Has Delayed Delivery

    All my useless crap is delivered on time but I have visions of the trailer hauling my new drum set coming off the hook, turning over ejecting the drum set and cars running them over. Hopefully the Mapex Saturn kit is just a day late.
  9. rebonn

    Signia Dug Up From The Basement

    Since I recently got a Tune Bot, I thought I'd dig up the Signia from the basement to replace the Pearl Export I currently gig with. Well, as the lugs starting matching, the drums started singing. Now I'm back to lugging the singing monster around.
  10. rebonn

    Cymbal mount for Vertical Rack

    I've acquired so many rack tubes I thought about trying to mount cymbals on the end vertically. I've seen some racks used this way. I've checked out the Gibralter RBA cymbal attachment that goes on the end but it seems I would have to remove the end caps of the racks. These appear to not be...
  11. rebonn

    Direct Drive Pedal

    I have a DW 5000 Accelerator and a 7000 (now the 3000) Turbo. For some reason I like the turbo cam better. I don't use any beater weights on the Accelerator but place them about 3/4 of an inch from the top of the beater mount on the 7000. The DW with the standard beater is a heavy pedal to begin...
  12. rebonn


    I've noticed a lot of brands of sticks vibrate such as Pro Mark and Vater. I prefer Regal Tip because they don't vibrate possibly due to softer wood, I don't know but after using Regal Tip and then others, the vibration is annoying to me. I think the Quantum 9000 and Alex Van Halen models are...
  13. rebonn

    Am I the only one who plays Quads like this

    L R Rbass Lbass. Leading with the left I assumed I could work it in during a beat and not cross the right hand over to the snare thus being more fluid. Whats the most common way to play Quads?