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  1. FlamFlamMan

    Cymbal Find - 17" Zildjian Hats

    So I went a bought another drumset a couple days ago mostly for a full set of K Custom Darks that I wanted a couple of, and as I'm packing up the guy says, "You can take that bag of junk cymbals too." Of course, I scooped them right up without even looking because at the worst I can give them to...
  2. FlamFlamMan

    1941 Leedy Drumset

    Hey Everyone, This is not my listing. I just thought it was really cool and some people might enjoy seeing it. Craigslist posting for 1941 Leedy 5-piece set Pretty strange sizes all around. Could it really be a 29" bass drum? Enjoy
  3. FlamFlamMan

    Opinions on Older Premier Drums

    Hello all, I'm looking to replace my loaner/beater drumset which is getting a bit too beat up. I found an add in an older Premier set that looks like its seen better days, but I really have no idea what kind of build quality these have. Does anyone recognize this model/year? He says they are...
  4. FlamFlamMan

    DDrum Dios Hammered Bronze Snare

    Hey All, Some guy wants to trade me a 6.5 x 14 Dios Hand Hammered Bronze Snare for some hardware I'm selling. This is a stock photo of one, but he tells me its in great shape. And I'll inspect it before any deal. The only price I can find for one is $480 shipped for a new one, but looking at...
  5. FlamFlamMan

    Cajon Flamenco Brand

    Hey Everybody, I've been wanting a cajon for a while now and somebody offered me a trade. He offered me this cajon. I can make out that it is a Cajon Flamenco brand but besides that I can't find out anything about it. I found this site but its in Spanish which I can't read. Mainly, I'm...
  6. FlamFlamMan

    Peavey Radial Pro 750 - Value?

    Hello, I'm looking for another drum set and I found this set of Peavey radials on the internet. I'm seriously considering picking them up, but I can't really find any info on how much a set like this should cost. Its a 6 piece kit with: 22 x 18 Bass drum, 16 x 15 floor tom, 14 x ? floor tom...
  7. FlamFlamMan

    PDP 700 or 800 Stands

    Hello all, I can't seem to find this info anywhere on the internet. I recently got some cymbal stands, and I want to get rid of some ( I have an awful lot now). I'm not sure if these two stands I have are PDP 700 or 800 series boom stands. I know the third is differently a 900 series. Does...
  8. FlamFlamMan

    What stand is this?

    Hi All, I recently received a pile of drum stuff that I'm trying to slowly sort through, but for the life you me I can't figure out what this one stand is. Since its an LP I assume its a congo or bongo stand, but all the pictures I find on the internet don't really look much like it. What...
  9. FlamFlamMan

    Pearl Maple Drumset and Snare ID Question

    Hey, I'm hoping some of the pearl experts or older folks on the forum can help shed some light on what I have. I have recently acquired an older Pearl drum set (70s or 80s I think). The badges just say Pearl and a serial number. There are secondary badges that say maple shell. I only have...
  10. FlamFlamMan

    A big box just arrived from Canada

    Hey everybody, So after much waiting (actually not that much but it seemed like forever), UPS dropped off a big box from Sabian this morning. I haven't really gotten a chance to play these yet, but hopefully I'll get a chance to have some fun in the next couple of days. Then I'll decide whether...
  11. FlamFlamMan

    Finally found the matching snare!

    Hey everybody, After having my kit for 6 years (and 3 years of watching ebay) I finally found the matching snare for my set. Drums with the Deep Blue Onyx (or Oyster, they changed the color name) wrap don't pop up very often, and they few I've seen go for ridiculous prices compared to other...
  12. FlamFlamMan

    Which DW badges are which?

    Hey Guys, Someone locally has a DW snare for sale, and I seems really nice but I've never seen this badge before. This is the badge on this drum. Is it a collectors or a cheaper series? Newer or older? The DW drums I currently own have one of these two badge styles.
  13. FlamFlamMan

    Hi-hat sizes? Sabian X-plosion Hats

    Hey everybody, It looks like I'm going to be getting Sabian AAX X-plosion Hats, so I need to pick a size. What are your thoughts on 14" vs 16"? I've only ever played 13-14" hats and already have a couple so I'm leaning towards the 16" but I want something that's going to remain versatile. My...
  14. FlamFlamMan

    Small Ride Cymbals <20"

    Hey guys, Every now and then I see a 18 or 19 inch ride for sale (never in stores/internet only), and I wonder who actually uses them and what for. The smallest I've ever used is a 20" and the largest was a 24". It seems that for the same cymbal model increasing the size lowers the pitch, but...
  15. FlamFlamMan

    Warped Wooden Hoop

    Hi, I recently got a Ayotte Snare with wooden hoops, and it came with both heads cranked incredibly high. I'm surprised they weren't broken. Well, the top heads looks just a little bit funny when I look at it on the drum. It sits flat on a level surface, but it looks wrong somehow. Has...