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  1. Mr. Brownstone

    How cold is too cold?

    I'm wanting to bring and leave my second kit to our band's practice space and my concern is that, at the moment, there is no central heating system there. It's an insulated space and until they get the furnace installed they are using a few plug-in heaters while they are in the shop (Its a work...
  2. Mr. Brownstone

    Would you buy...

    ...a high end pro kit for almost half the price ($2500 vs $4000) if you were ok, but not crazy about the wrap/finish?
  3. Mr. Brownstone

    Need help identifying vintage Zildjian hi hats

    These were purchased brand new mid to late 60's and there are no labels on them, just the Zildjian stamp. There is a pattern as you can see in the pictures and I'm wondering if that's specific to a certain model, I'm hoping some one here can help me out. Anything anyone can share regarding would...
  4. Mr. Brownstone

    Bearing edge question

    Good day, my buddy just got a new bass drum and we noticed this little square in the bearing edge. Is this acceptable? Has anyone seen this before?