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  1. skippy

    DW practice pad to e kit?

    I was just thinking that maybe i could somehow rig some ddrum triggers to the pads on my DW practice pad kit then run those into a trigger to midi box and use it as a practice kit to write parts on in my apartment. The problem is i dont know anything about electronic drum nonsense so im looking...
  2. skippy

    Drummers in Houston.

    I'm wondering if there are any drummers in houston who would be interested in putting together some sort of percussion ensemble. I really have no idea on what we would be going for sound wise i think that it would just have to start as kind of feeling everybody out but all im open to all ideas...
  3. skippy

    company rep. jobs?

    ill make this quick because i only have a few minutes before i have to bomb off to work. i always hear of these guys who are reps for zildjian or dw or whatever and after doing the least amount of research on it i thought id come to a place i can trust. how do you get these jobs working for drum...
  4. skippy

    drumming to inspire.

    me and a drumming friend of mine have decided to start a percussion duo. using our kits of course but also random things such as car wheels exhaust pipes and buckets and what not. then i started thinking this would be a great thing to take to schools. something motivational for kids to see. the...
  5. skippy

    Jim Riley here: Nashville Number System Book + Signature Snare

    i just recently lost an opportunity for a recording gig because i did not know the Nashville number system. so of course i google this to look into it so i can add it to my arsenal. ive searched every combo of the words i can think of and have no idea how it pertains to the drums. if any one can...
  6. skippy


    ok you all no what they say about guys with big feet...they cant play the heel toe i have size 12 shoes and a dw 7000 pedal anyone who can help me leard this will be greatly admired...please help. thanks in advance skippy