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  1. douglaschoi_

    I transcribed a Steve Gadd solo in its entirety

    Hey guys, I transcribed a complete version (including improvisations) of the famous solo Crazy Army by Steve Gadd: Here's the transcription: Let me know if you spot...
  2. douglaschoi_

    Auditioning Jazz Standards

    I've been preparing for an audition for a big band for sometime; I prepared a bunch of different big band tunes with backing tracks. However I've found out that instead I'm supposed to pick out a tune from the real book and be prepared to play it with a pianist and bassist, and I'm expected to...
  3. douglaschoi_

    New Drum Cover: The Spirit of Radio

    Yo guys - I'm a 16 year old drummer based in London - I recently made a drum cover of The Spirit of Radio by the legendary Rush. Would be awesome if you guys could give me any feedback for my playing! Here's the video: Cheers guys! P.S Sorry about...
  4. douglaschoi_

    Jazz Big Band Audition Tips

    Hey guys, I've got an audition for a jazz big band coming up - I'm really stoked to play as I've always dreamed of being in one, especially after I saw Jojo Mayer pay tribute to Buddy Rich live, but I've not much experience playing in a big band specifically. I've played in a fair amount of...
  5. douglaschoi_

    Suggestions for modern samba/bossa nova drummers?

    Hey guys, I'm trying to get into the wonderful world of Brazilian music - however, I'm having a hard time finding well known drummers that I can study that apply these grooves onto the kit. Of course I've studied what Tommy Igoe has to say on the subject, and I've got Ed Uribe's "Brazilian...