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    Help to ID Mapex drum

    Good morning. Can anyone help me to ID this Mapex drum series advertised as an '80's" kit? It looks like maple but I'm not sure. I Googled it but all the older kits appear to have tubular lugs but this kit seems to have individual lugs. Any input would be appreciated. Cheers Erik
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    50's 24" A Zildjian Small Stamp

    Hi there - I scored this 3000g 24" A Zildjian with a late 50's small stamp yesterday. It is in mint condition - no dents, no edge cracks, no keyhole - just some lovely patina and some stock marks. For a 60 plus year old cymbal, it is just about brand new :-) And the bonus is that it does not...
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    How many rides and hi hat pairs do you have?

    Hi there, In my rehearsal room / jam room at home, I currently use the 15" Super Zyn hats, 18, 20 and 22" 602's and the 24" 602 medium - these are very responsive cymbals and because of their size, lower pitched and they open up easily. They work nicely in the area because I don't bash them at...
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    How many rides and hi hat pairs do you have?

    I have a bit of a cymbal OCD problem: 14" Hats: Paiste:- 2002 Heavy Hats 2002 Sound Edge Hats Signature Power Hats Signature Dark Energy Hats 602 Sound Edge Hats Zildjian: A Custom Hats K/Z Combo A Custom Mastersound 15" Hats: Paiste: 2002 Medium Hats 2002 Sound Edge Hats Twenty Custom Metal...
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    Zildjian Avedis New Beat 14" Hi-Hat Cymbals--Advice required

    Agreed - I am also a Paiste guy but you need a set of NB's - albeit that mine is 15" from the 70's. The other Zildjian that you need no matter what your brand preference is an A Medium Ride 20" around the 2400g mark. Just saying.
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    Sweetwater ride cymbal shootout

    Very close one for me - My best 4 would the the 20 A medium, the 22 2002, 22 602 ME and the 22 K Custom Dark - they all have a lovely clear sweet ping over a nice wash - If I had to choose one it would have to be the 22 2002 but probably only because I own one :-) Great shootout! Thanks
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    Albums that had a huge impact on your current playing?

    I saw on one of Tom Morello's Instagram posts earlier this week that it was the 16th anniversary of Audioslave's debut album which contained timeless classics like Conchise, Show me how to live and Like a Stone. I was besotted with this album when it came out and used to drum along to many of...
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    Rewrapped my Yamaha D22’s

    Hi - I just had my old Yamaha Y badge toms rewrapped - quite happy with the outcome- here’s some before and after pics. I purchased an old 22 x 14 Star kick drum from the 60’s which I’m having wrapped in the same wrap. Should go quite well with the Yamaha toms.
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    Star Drums - what wood?

    Hi there - does anyone know what wood was used for Star drums in the late 60’s early 70’s? I just purchased an old Star kick and am not sure about the wood used. Here’s a pic of the inside of the shell. Thanks guys.
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    Good drum store in Athens, Greece

    Hi there - I am from South Africa and have been searching for a 24" kick drum hoop for ages locally with no luck at all. I am over in Athens next week and was hoping that somebody can direct me to a good drum store in Athens where I may be able to find a 24" hoop. I tried to Google but with no...
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    Jazz Drummer v Metal Drummer

    I just found this fun video on YouTube and thought that I should share it:
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    Nicko McBrain's Paistes Made in Germany??

    Hi _ watching this video, I could not help to notice that his Paiste ride cymbal appears to be made in Germany?? Or am I missing something?
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    Meinl Raker Ride and Medium Ride??

    Hi there - does anyone here know what the difference is/was (if any) between a Meinl Raker Ride and one marked a Medium Ride? I know with, as an example, Zildjian A Customs, there are both ride and medium ride models with the "Ride" being slightly lighter/thinner than the Medium Ride. I was just...
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    How important is wood type and shell construction for a kick drum?

    I was just wondering, taking into account that more often than not, kick drums are dampened either by the heads fitted and/or something being thrown inside. Does the wood and shell construction really matter as much as it does for toms? To my (damaged) ears, once you start dampening the kick...
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    Ludwig Experts - please help.

    I can pick up a Ludwig kick for a good price (around the equivalent of USD45) including a Rockstar bag. The owner does not know which model it is but owned it since 2004. The drum is about 2000kms away from me so I cannot go and view it. Here's a pic os it - can anybody help me identify the...
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    Video of my 18" Paiste Hats

    I made up a set of 18" hats by pairing an 18" Giant Beat Multi with an 18" Stambul 65 from the 60's - I really enjoy the result. Here's a little video:
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    Big cymbals Rule! Any other fans out there?

    As of late, I started using bigger rides and hats - for crashes I always preferred 20's but I now made up a set of 18" hats, added a 24" ride and I find this set up an absolute pleasure for the vintage rock / blues stuff that we play. I just find big cymbals (provided that they're thin to medium...
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    Meinl Double Dragon 18" Ride Cymbal

    I just picked up this cymbal - and i am pleasantly surprised by it! It's an 18" rather heavily hammered thinnish ride weighing in at around 1750g. It's dark, washy, trashy. Probably more of a crash than a ride unless in a low volume environment. I am very impressed with this cymbal, especially...
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    Rick Allen - Paiste??

    Hi there - I came accross this pic of Rick Allen playing a live show with Tesla on the Monsters of Rock Cruise and it appears to be Paiste Rude cymbals that he's playing. I understand that it is a guest slot and that he may have simply been playing on borrowed gear, I was just wondering whether...
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    Strange Black and Red Label Paiste 2002 Medium ??

    Hi there - I was offered a 20" Paiste 2002 Medium - it appears to have the black label and red label stamps (and the red on top) - see pic. Has anybody ever seen one of these? Regards Erik